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Intellectual Property

All rights in the copyrighted material displayed on the Website, including but not limited to texts, images, sounds, audiovisual information as well as the way the information is combined on the Website are the property of the Company. The above mentioned materials are released and intended only for private use by Users with seeking to familiarize themselves with the products and services and other relevant information about the Company.

Any use of materials appearing on the Website, including, without limitation, the reproduction, public display, modification and translation, making available to the public in such a manner that anyone can have access to said materials from any place at any time and at one's discretion, including for placing on other websites for commercial, reputational, advertising or other purposes not consistent with the intended use mentioned above without prior written permission from the Company is prohibited.

This prohibition applies also to materials owned by third parties and used by the Company under license agreements or on other legal grounds.

All trademarks, logos and names relating to products and services appearing on the Website are the property of the Company, or other Mitsubishi Corporation group companies, or third parties and are lawfully used by the Company. Any unauthorized use of such property is prohibited.