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Mitsubishi products and business

No information on this Website should be construed as a public offer except for these Terms of Use.

The information displayed on this Website about our product range, purchase methods, prices, terms of payment, discounts, rates and terms of purchase, delivery, exchange, repair and maintenance is indicative and is provided only to inform Users about the business lines and range of products and services offered by the Company.

The Company reserves the right at any time to change the product range, materials, equipment, or specifications. Some of the products displayed may contain equipment not sold in Russia. Some models may be shown with equipment that is available for an extra charge.

Please contact Mitsubishi Corporation (Russia) LLC for more specific information about our services and other relevant information.

The use of any information displayed on the Website for the private purposes of the User is the User's own risk. The Company disclaims any liability or responsibility to the User for any loss resulted from such use, including loss of profit, as well as moral damage.