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CSR Initiatives

Giving Program

Mitsubishi Australia Ltd. (MAL) is committed to partnering with local communities. Our direct partnerships and those through our local business entities have a large impact across hundreds of Australian communities.

Our activities are targeted towards the following overarching themes:

Under these themes, we place particular focus on education for First Nations’ students, Australia-Japan relationship, environment and staff engagement.

Realising an Inclusive Society

Clontarf Foundation – supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

Established in 2000, Clontarf Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young men’s education, discipline, life skills, self-esteem and employment prospects. MAL has partnered with Clontarf Foundation since 2017 to support their wrap around care program which provides students with opportunities to succeed and purposes to attend school.

Relevant UN SDGs and our Materiality

Indigenous Literacy Foundation – Book Publishing and Translation Program

Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) is a not-for-profit organisation empowering remote Indigenous communities across Australia through literacy programs.

MAL has supported ILF since 2015. The projects we supported include development and publishing of “the Monsters of McKyus” which McKyus Levi, a 14-year old from Moa Island in the Torres Strait, co-authored with Cath Leach, his mentor and designer.

Relevant UN SDGs and our Materiality

Empowering the Next Generation

New Colombo Plan – bringing Australia and Japan closer together

The New Colombo Plan is an Australian Government’s initiative which aims to lift knowledge of the Indo Pacific by supporting Australian undergraduate students to live, study and complete internships in the region.

Together with other Mitsubishi Group companies, MAL has been supporting the initiative by offering the Mitsubishi Group Internship Program in Japan for Australian students who travel to Japan on New Colombo Plan scholarship/mobility grants.

Relevant UN SDGs and our Materiality

Australia Japan Business Council of Victoria – Student Exchange Scholarship Program

Australia Japan Business Council of Victoria (AJBCV) is a not-for-profit business council promoting the common interests between Australia and Japan for the past sixty years, including the role of business in supporting the next generation of Australia-Japan leaders.

MAL has been sponsoring AJBCV’s Student Exchange Scholarship Program, which provides grants to secondary school students studying Japanese to join a school trip to Japan. The program enables students to deepen understanding of the different culture and gain invaluable experience through staying with a Japanese family and attending a school in Japan.

Relevant UN SDGs and our Materiality

Conservation of the environment

Great Barrier Reef Conservation Program

Since 2012, Mitsubishi Corporation has provided the funding and volunteers for Earthwatch and leading Australian scientists to undertake research in the Great Barrier Reef. The research team studied causes of the Black Band Disease during Phase 1 (2021-2018) and impacts of macroalgae removal on coral reef during Phase 2 (2019-2021). Currently in Phase 3, we are exploring alternative coral restoration methods while continuing removal of macroalgae. We continue to support this crucial research for the health and restoration of the reef.

Relevant UN SDGs and our Materiality

Staff Engagement in Community

Community Support Program

Mitsubishi Australia Ltd. (MAL) is committed to supporting community-based, grass-roots organisations that address various issues faced by the communities in which we live and work. Each year, MAL employees are invited to nominate not-for-profit organisations in their community to support through the Community Support Program (CSP), our employee-led giving program which was launched in 2006 to commemorate MAL's 50 years of operations in Australia.

FY2023 CSP beneficiaries

Corporate Volunteering Program

MAL believes hands-on staff volunteering is an important part of our corporate social responsibility. As part of this effort, MAL provides its employees with 5 paid volunteer leave days per year in order to encourage staff participation in our corporate volunteering program, recognising our responsibility to give back to society.

Coral Reef Conservation Project – Recovery of the Great Barrier Reef

Mitsubishi Corporation and MAL employees participating in field trips in Magnetic island, QLD

Australian Red Cross Corporate Blood Donation Program (Lifeblood)

MAL CEO donating blood at a donor center