Mitsubishi Australia Ltd. (MAL) aims to add societal and environmental value by addressing key sustainability goals through our business activities. To this end, MAL is guided by Mitsubishi Corporation’s “Materiality” policy.

Mitsubishi Corporation’s Materiality Linked to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Sustainability in practice in Australia

  • Contributing to Decarbonised Societies

    In support of Mitsubishi Corporation’s commitment to achieving net zero by 2050, we are actively seeking innovative solutions which will help Mitsubishi Corporation and society more broadly to decarbonise. Supporting start-up companies with cutting-edge decarbonisation technology is one example of our efforts in this area. We are also actively pursuing new opportunities in alternative energy such as renewables, hydrogen and biofuels.

  • Growing Together with Local Communities

    Supporting education for First Nations children is one of the key focusses for our social contribution programs. We provide funding to partner organisations helping improve literacy in remote communities, offering comprehensive support for remote Indigenous students studying in major cities, and motivating young students to complete Year 12 education. Many of Mitsubishi Corporation’s business activities are based in remote regional centres, and we are committed to supporting these communities and their regional issues

  • Conserving and Effectively Utilising Natural Capital

    Since 2012 Mitsubishi Corporation has provided the funding and volunteers for Earthwatch and leading Australian scientists to undertake research in the Great Barrier Reef as a part of the Global Coral Reef Conservation Project. The research team studied causes of the Black Band Disease during Phase 1 (2012-2018) and impacts of macroalgae removal on coral reef during Phase 2 (2019-2021). Currently in Phase 3, we are exploring alternative coral restoration methods while continuing removal of macroalgae. We continue to support this crucial research for the health and restoration of the reef.

  • Growing Together with Local Communities

    Mitsubishi Corporation subsidiary companies work closely with local communities. Cape Flattery Silica Mines (CFSM), a leading producer of world class silica sand, is one example. Maintaining a strong relationship and bond with the Hope Vale Traditional Custodians of the land mined is extremely important to the business. In addition to creating employment opportunities for the community since the 1970s, CFSM also provides various community support such as an academic bursary, apprenticeships and traineeships for non-mining sectors, as well as maintenance of a community facility developed by CFSM.