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Sustainability Framework

What is Our Sustainability Framework about?

With reference to our Three Corporate Principles, and drawing on current day community standards, Mitsubishi Australia Ltd. (MAL)'s current management strategy recognises that our communities are not only looking towards governments to address environmental and social issues, such as climate change, biodiversity, water and food resource sustainability, poverty and human/labour rights, but they are also looking to the business community to take action. As a corporate entity, MAL strives to improve our corporate value through our core business activities; however, we recognise that we have a responsibility to ensure that our business is being conducted in an environmentally & socially sustainable and considerate manner. To assist us in this direction we have documented a framework that clearly states our intentions and provides guidance in our daily activity.

This framework includes the following documents:

  • Corporate Standards of Conduct
  • Code of Conduct
  • Environmental Charter
  • Social Charter
  • Respect for Human Rights
  • Supply Chain Management