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A subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), Mitsubishi Corporation do Brasil S.A. leverages the parent company's worldwide experience, functions, and network to provide the Brazilian and global markets with high-quality solutions and products. Traditionally, Mitsubishi Corporation do Brasil S.A. functioned as a trade agent in machinery, energy, metals, minerals, chemicals, foods, textiles, and paper transactons, but we have since expanded our operations. Today we offer customers a wider range of solutions, support, and services in all of these industries, including commercialization, intermediary trade, and supply. We even help to create entirely new markets. Furthermore, our direct investment activities continue to grow in proportion to our overall operations.

We are also committed to conducting our business in an environmentally and socially responsible way, by minimizing our impact on the environment and contributing to the sustainable development of communities.

These capabilities place us in a strategic position to instigate change in global markets, and, together with our customers and business partners, become a primary beneficiary of that change.

Brief History

MC is one of many independent Mitsubishi companies. These Mitsubishi companies were founded in the early 1870's, originally as a steamship company. Since then, they have grown to encompass most sectors of the Japanese economy. After World War II, the Mitsubishi holdings were broken up into 40 independent firms. Today, many of these companies still bear the Mitsubishi name, and carry on our tradition of leadership and corporate principles.

Established on December 7, 1955, in São Paulo, the company was originally named Mitsubishi Shoji do Brasil Importadora e Exportadora Ltda. Since those early days, the company has shown itself to be an entrepreneurial organization intent on carving out its niche in the national market. After opening its first branch in Rio de Janeiro in 1956, it opened additional branches in Santos and Apucarana in 1969.

Mitsubishi Shoji do Brasil's first board of directors was formed by five partners who jointly owned all the company's stock. However, in 1972, Mitsubishi Shoji do Brasil was reorganized and MC became its majority shareholder, increasing its capital and expanding its business.

In 1973, the company became a joint stock company, changing its official name to Mitsubishi Shoji do Brasil S.A. In 1979 the company adopted its present name, Mitsubishi Corporation do Brasil S.A.