Mitsubishi Corporation do Brasil is guided in its everyday business by the three Corporate Principles. The English translations of these principles are "Corporate Responsibility to Society," "Integrity and Fairness," and "Global Understanding Through Business." Originally formulated in Japanese by the Mitsubishi Trading Company in 1934, they have been maintained to this day as the guiding philosophy of our parent, Mitsubishi Corporation (MC).

In Brazil, we demonstrate our commitment to corporate social responsibility not only by supporting community development, but also by working to preserve and improve the environment through sustainable business practices.

To assist in the development of Brazilian communities, we have partnered a number of local organizations. Among these is the Odebrecht Foundation, which we have helped to train youths living in Southern Bahia Lowland, a rural part of Bahia State. Since 1992, we have donated 100 species of trees (more than 400,000 trees in total) to Asflora in order to regenerate the tropical forest in Belem, which is located at the mouth of the Amazon River in Para State.

As for our sustainability footprint in Brazil, we are guided by Mitsubishi Corporation's Environmental Charter, enacted in 1996, and its Guidelines for Corporate Action. Through our parent company and other affiliates, we have partnered with several environmental organizations in their conservation efforts in Brazil. For example, we supported the ecological research of the Earthwatch Institute to help preserve turtles in the Brazilian Amazon and we worked with O Boticario Foundation in the expansion of its funding network in North America.

Through the Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation for the Americas (MCFA), we have extended a five-year commitment of one million US dollars, commencing in 2015, to the Wildlife Conservation Society's Amazon Waters Initiative. This initiative promotes participatory land use planning and the management of fisheries and natural resources in two main watersheds of the Amazon in Brazil and Peru. In addition, MCFA is funding stakeholder capacity building and knowledge sharing on Integrated Landscape Management in Brazil led by EcoAgriculture Partners. In recent years, MCFA has supported sustainable tourism and sustainable coffee initiatives in Brazil led by the Rainforest Alliance and its local partner, Imaflora; and from 2006 to 2010, MCFA provided early funding for the Boticario Foundation's signature Oasis Project, which offered incentives to landowners to protect a major watershed serving Sao Paulo, Brazil. Since 1992, MCFA has funded numerous other environmental conservation programs throughout the Americas.

As our business grows in Brazil, we hope to continue to build these partnerships and find innovative approaches to conserve our natural resources. An equally important aim is to develop our businesses sustainably, with respect for our planet and all who call it home.

Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation for the Americas