Privacy Policy

At Mitsubishi Corporation do Brasil, S.A.(“MCB”), we realize that protecting names, dates of birth, and other personal information is extremely important for the privacy of our users. MCB never reveals any personal information, and unless explicitly indicated (see below) no personal information shall be solicited from you while you use MCB website Although we may analyze statistical trends pertaining to our website, this analysis shall in no way involve your personal information. Most of our website can be accessed without providing personal information, however, some information may be required to access select content or services. In such cases, this requirement shall be clearly indicated and any personal information that you provide us with shall be treated in accordance with items 1 through 4 below.

To provide a better service for those users that visit our website many times, we may implement the use of “cookie” technology: when a user first visit our website, an identification tag called a “cookie” is sent to the user’s cookie-enabled browser. When this user returns to our website, this identification tag lets us know that this is the same user as before. As such, as long as you do not enter your personal information, we will have no way of identifying you, and you shall remain anonymous. You may set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie or to reject cookies completely.

1. In the event that we do collect your personal information, we shall first notify you with details on the following:
1) specific purpose of the process;
2) form and duration of the process;
3) contact information;
4) information about the information share, if any, and the purpose thereof;
5) responsibilities of the company which is entrusted to process your personal information;
6) your rights.
i. confirmation of the existence of your personal information within MCB;
ii. access to your personal information;
iii. correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated your personal information;
iv. anonymization, blocking or deletion of your personal information unnecessary, excessive or treated in violation of the provisions of the law;
v. portability of your personal information to another company, upon your express request by observing the secrets in accordance with the regulation of the national authority;
vi. deletion of your processed personal information with your consent, except when we may retain such information in accordance with the provisions of the law;
vii. information on public and private entities with which we shared your information;
viii. information about the possibilities of not giving consent and about the consequences of the refusal;
ix. withdrawal of your consent.
(1) MCB always treats personal information with the greatest care, and shall never disclose such information to any third parties without your permission, except in the following cases:
1) If we are so ordered by a court, legal authority, or other official body.
2) If our contractors require personal information to operate our website or handle inquiries that we have entrusted to them. In such a case, we shall only disclose information that is required to perform these duties, and we shall require our contractors to sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure that none of the information is further disclosed or misused.
3) In outstanding circumstances not mentioned above.
(2) In cases where we obtain your permission to disclose your personal information to a third party, we shall implement binding contracts and other appropriate measures to prevent such parties from divulging the information.
3. If you have provided us with personal information but wish to exercise your right(s) mentioned in item 1. 6) above, please write to the Legal Department of MCB at Av. Paulista, 1294 – 23°andar, Cep 01310 - 915, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil.
4. MCB complies with the applicable codes and norms regarding all personal information in its possession, including Law No. 13,709/2018 (Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais) as amended, and continues to revise and improve its policies related to the information above.

This privacy policy applies to MCB Website (

Data Protection Officer (DPO; encarregado):

MCB’s President acts as its DPO. The DPO can be contacted at Av. Paulista, 1294 – 23°andar, Cep 01310 - 915, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil