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Message from the President & Managing Director

Takeshi Iida,
President&Managing Director

Mitsubishi Corporation (Hong Kong) Ltd. is the wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation, a global integrated business enterprise that develops and operates businesses together with its offices and subsidiaries in approximately 90 countries and regions worldwide, as well as a global network of around 1,700 group companies.

Mitsubishi Corporation started with trading business and expanded in an array of industries from upstream (resources and manufacturing) to downstream (retails and services). Through years of business consolidations, our company emerged as a huge conglomerate engaged in an extensive business activities covering almost every industrial sectors.

The vision of Mitsubishi Corporation take origin from “the Three Corporate Principles”, which was formulated in 1934, as the discipline of our business. It incorporates the philosophy of the Corporate Responsibility to Society (“Shoki Hoko”), Integrity and Fairness (“Shoji Komei”), Global Understanding Through Business (“Ritsugyou Boeki”). Our core objective under Midterm Corporate Strategy 2024 is Creating MC Shared Value. The inspiration for this goal is rooted in a vision of continuously creating significant shared value by elevating the MC Group's collective capabilities in order to address societal challenges.

Mitsubishi Corporation (Hong Kong) Ltd. was founded in 1973, but Mitsubishi Corporation has started the operation in Hong Kong as early as 1954. We are not only the regional trading company based in Hong Kong, but also exercising the function as one of the regional offices of Mitsubishi Corporation.

Centered at Hong Kong, we connect our businesses with a wide range of customers in China and ASEAN in various trading business sectors, such as power plants, new energy, urban development, industrial finance, chemicals (petroleum and industrial metals), foods and consumer goods, etc. We aim to leverage our expertise and group network to respond to customer needs and to continue business development.

Furthermore, we also bear the mission to develop new business opportunities. We are determined to pursue business opportunities not limited to Hong Kong, but also to maximize Hong Kong's unique function under the “One Country, Two System” principle, and taking the lead to propel China's grand plan of “Greater Bay Area”, as well continuous exploration of new business models across the globe with our strong partner network strengths and long history of business know-how.

Given Hong Kong's proximity to China's vast market and its prominent features as an international financial center empowered by its business friendly environment, this highly fascinating city enables bold challenges for new business development and attracts thousands of enterprises from all over the world to establish their business foothold in here.

In particular, taking into consideration the fact that Hong Kong has strong preference for Japanese food and culture, we expect closer-ties between Hong Kong and Japan in tourism, agriculture trading and innovative industries, while from a macro perspective, we see strong potential on environmental and aging business/health care related businesses along Pearl River Delta region, and we believe this gives us the opportunities to open up a new collaboration channel for new projects and build win-win relationship with business partners.

Moving forward, acting as the representative of Hong Kong region of Mitsubishi Corporation group, we strive to initiate new business models and developments across a wide array of industries, and continue to be your valued business partner.