Mitsubishi Corporation

Our Roots

Our Roots - A history of rising to the challenge

MC has a long history of rising to the challenge. Here, we highlight the origins of our pioneering spirit through accounts of Mitsubishi founder Yataro Iwasaki and other members of the Iwasaki family, while also taking a look back over history starting from 1954, when today's MC was first established.

第1話 三菱創業者の陰に、しっかり者の母あり
Yataro's Values Shaped by Stalwart Mother

We focus on Miwa Iwasaki, the mother of Mitsubishi Founder Yataro Iwasaki. Miwa greatly influenced Yataro and also laid out a set of precepts for the Iwasaki Family to live by.

第2話 三菱の根底にあるもの。それは"義"である
Mitsubishi's Foundations Underpinned by Strong Sense of Honor

Our Roots talked with Mitsubishi History Analyst Seiichi Narita about Mitsubishi Founder Yataro Iwasaki.

第3話 年表で見る彌太郎の足跡
Timeline of the Life & Times of Yataro Iwasaki

We chronicle the story of Mitsubishi founder Yataro Iwasaki through a timeline of his life.

第4話 彌太郎が商売の機徴を初めて 学んだ場所とは
An Unlikely Business School

We look at the imprisonment of Mitsubishi founder Yataro Iwasaki - an experience that greatly shaped his development as a successful entrepreneur.

第5話 二転三転、時代の激流にもまれる
Turbulent Times of Change & Uncertainty

We focus on Mitsubishi founder Yataro Iwasaki's ties with Toyo Yoshida, an influential official of the Tosa Domain.

第5話 龍馬と共に見た夢
Yataro & Ryoma—Sharing a Common Dream

We focus on Mitsubishi founder Yataro Iwasaki's ties with Ryoma Sakamoto, an influential figure in the days leading up to the Meiji Restoration.

第7話 世界の海へ
Sailing Across the Globe

We focus on a period when Yataro Iwasaki made large strides towards realizing his global aspirations as Mitsubishi proceeded to establish international shipping lines.

第8話 涸れることを知らない起業家精神
An Entrepreneurial Spirit That Never Faded

We focus on the entrepreneurial spirit of Mitsubishi founder Yataro Iwasaki, who strove to develop business across diverse fields.

第9話 彌太郎の生涯を貫いた“明治の武士道”
Yataro's Ideals Live On

We focus on the passing of Mitsubishi founder Yataro Iwasaki and reflect on his remarkable legacy.

第10話 トマス・グラバー
Thomas Glover

We focus on Thomas Glover, who served as an advisor for each of Mitsubishi's first three presidents.

第11話 彌太郎を説得し、高島炭坑を買い取る
Yanosuke Plays Pivotal Role in Purchase of Takashima Coal Mine

We shift our focus to Yanosuke Iwasaki, Mitsubishi's second president. Starting from his time as vice president, Yanosuke was instrumental in promoting the diversification of Mitsubishi's business, thereby laying the foundations for today's Mitsubishi Group.

第12話 彌之助の鉱山獲得積極策
Yanosuke Expands Mitsubishi's Involvement in Mining

We continue to focus on Yanosuke Iwasaki, Mitsubishi's second president.

第13話 彌之助を支えた多彩な人脈
Push to Diversify Supported by Rich Human Network

We highlight the efforts of Mitsubishi's second president, Yanosuke Iwasaki, to diversify the company's business while leveraging its rich human resources.

第14話 智将・彌之助の決断~近代日本を象徴するビジネス街の建設へ
Yanosuke Resolves to Build Japan's First Modern Business District

We focus on the purchase of property in Tokyo's Marunouchi district by Yanosuke Iwasaki, Mitsubishi's second president.

第15話 ジョサイア・コンドル
Josiah Conder

We focus on Josiah Condor, the British architect who became a Mitsubishi advisor and played a central role in the construction of Japan's first modern business district.

第16話 おごらず、他者への配慮を忘れない経営者・久彌
Hisaya Iwasaki: The Humble Leader Who Never Forgot His Roots

We focus on Hisaya Iwasaki, Mitsubishi's third president, and how he was influenced by the teachings of his grandmother.

第17話 久彌、「組織の三菱」へ舵を切る
Hisaya Lays Groundwork for Mitsubishi's Organizational Strength

We focus on how Mitsubishi's third president, Hisaya Iwasaki, spur red further business diversification and the development of a modern system of management.

第18話 久彌編 鉄道、農業、電力… “国”の礎に心血を注ぐ
Railways, Agriculture and Electricity— Hisaya Focuses on Building the Foundations of a Prosperous Nation

We primarily focus on Mitsubishi's third president, Hisaya Iwasaki, and how he strove to develop diverse businesses to meet the needs of the times.

第19話 久彌編 洋紙製造、そして農場経営~二つの事業にかけた熱い思い
Hisaya's Passion for Papermaking and Farm Management

We highlight episodes related to the papermaking business and Koiwai Farm, two ventures that Hisaya Iwasaki, Mitsubishi's third president, took a strong interest in.

第20話 小彌太編 優れた経営へと導いた“潜龍窟”での絆
Aided by His Former Classmates, Koyata Keeps Mitsubishi on Track

We focus on the experiences that shaped Koyata Iwasaki on his way to becoming Mitsubishi's fourth president.

第21話 小彌太編 東京生まれの“いごっそう”~信念を貫いた三菱四代目社長
Koyata Iwasaki—Standing by His Convictions to the Very End

We focus on episodes related to Koyata Iwasaki's tenure as Mitsubishi's fourth president.