The Three Corporate Principles of Mitsubishi Corporation were formulated in 1934. Since then, "Corporate Responsibility to Society", "Integrity and Fairness", "Global Understanding Through Business" become the action guideline of the company. As one of the regional office of Mitsubishi Corporation, we strive to contribute to the enrichment of the society through our support to the next generation's education and cultural exchange activities.

HKU's Young Leaders Tour of Japan

From March 2017, with the sponsorship of Mitsubishi Corporation, students majoring Japanese studies from the University of Hong Kong travelled to the afflicted area of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake once a year to learn about various reconstruction and renewal projects supported by Mitsubishi Corporation Disaster Relief Foundation. The students were impressed by MC's commitment to disaster relief and recovery through various businesses. As future leaders, they embraced this experiential learning opportunity and were encouraged to think about global problems such as recovering from natural disasters, reconstruction, and corporate social responsibility initiatives in society. Outcomes of their learning experiences were shared with the HKU community in a special photo exhibition.

About Mitsubishi Corporation Disaster Relief Foundation: