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Infrastructure & Power Division


Infrastructure & Power Division is handling various environment and machinery related projects and businesses in 4 major areas, which include Power Plant; Environmental; Elevator & Escalator; and Ship.

Trading Business

1. Power Plant Business

It covers both domestic and overseas trades as well as export and import of power generation, power transmission and transformer facilities, targeting the needs in both Hong Kong and Macau areas. Our major customer in Hong Kong is the Hongkong Electric (“HKE”) which we have privilege to build long term outstanding relationship with for many years by providing power generation systems and after-services. Current projects include HKE Lamma Unit 10, 11 and 12 for gas fired power generators; HKE Unit 7&8 DCS system upgrade; HKE Lamma Power Station Long Term Parts Management Contract for GT5&7 from 2014 to 2020; and HKE Lamma Unit 9 Gas Turbine Supply & Provision of Refurbishment Service for Hot Gas Path Parts for the 3rd Maintenance cycle from 2018~2027.

2. Environmental Business

We have supported our headquarter to introduce various business schemes with different categories related to e-Mobility, battery service and even R&D within the environmental sector into Hong Kong and Macau.

3. Elevator & Escalator Business

We support the activity of Mitsubishi Elevator Hong Kong Co., Limited (“HMEC”) which acts as sole distributor of Mitsubishi Electric’s elevators and escalators, including sales, installations, maintenance in Hong Kong market. In addition, we also try to take part for implementing the “Facility Management” to both commercial and residential buildings in Hong Kong to build a more environmental friendly city by installing more user friendly and advance systems.

4. Ship Business

We take care of marine & shipping markets in Hong Kong. Main activities are sale & purchase ("S&P") of both new building and second-handed vessels, broking of ship chartering, ship finance and owning of ships jointly with partners.


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