November 27, 2018 Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation Supports Diverse Projects: From Caribou Conservation in Canada to Green Infrastructure in US Cities
August 24, 2018Mitsubishi Corporation Subsidiary Indiana Packers Corporation to Acquire Specialty Foods Group


November 21, 2017 Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation for the Americas Promotes Sustainability Through Partnerships, Science and Innovation
September 1, 2017Relief and Recovery Aid for Victims of Hurricane Harvey


December 16, 2016Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation for the Americas Supports Multi-Stakeholder Approaches to Sustainable Development.
August 10, 2016Mitsubishi Corporation Invests in US Solar Energy Firm Nexamp
May 17, 2016Investment Fund Aimed at Silicon Valley Startups Reaches Fundraising Target
April 20, 2016Mitsubishi Corporation to Participate in Natural Gas-Fired Power Generation Project in Pennsylvania
April 1, 2016Hidemoto Mizuhara Appointed President & CEO of Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas)
February 10, 2016AES and Mitsubishi Corporation to Sell Advancion® Energy Storage Solutions in Asia and Oceania
January 20, 2016Mitsubishi Corporation Acquires Full Ownership of CIMA ENERGY, LTD.


December 17, 2015Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation for the Americas Supports Conservation and Sustainable Development


December 15, 2014Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation for the Americas Dedicates $1 Million to Protect Amazonian Watersheds


December 4, 2013Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation for the Americas dedicates nearly $1 million for environmental causes.
July 1, 2013Relief and Recovery Aid for Floods in Southern Alberta, Canada
April 1, 2013Yasuyuki Sugiura AppointedPresident & CEO of Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas)


November 6, 2012Relief and Recovery Aid for Victims of Hurricane Sandy
April 1, 2012Seiei Ono Appointed President & CEO of Newly Established Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas)
April 1, 2012Establishment of New Holding Company for North America, Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas)
January 9, 2012Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation For The Americas Dedicates Over $1.4 Million For Environmental Causes