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Mitsubishi Corporation RtM (Americas)

Mitsubishi Corporation RtM (Americas) (“RtMA”) is the metals trading division of Mitsubishi International Corporation (“MIC”), a US-based subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation. RtMA is a global trader of metals and minerals, and draws on its worldwide sourcing and distribution capabilities to trade precious metals, aluminum ingots, copper cathodes, and thermal coal, predominantly within North and South America. RtMA coordinates its trade and marketing efforts with Mitsubishi Corporation RtM International (RtMI).

Products and services

Nonferrous metals (aluminum, precious metals, copper, and nickel) and ferrous raw materials (coal and iron ore).

For information about the Metals Group's other business areas in North America, please visit our parent company's website, Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas). For information about our global business, please visit Mitsubishi Corporation's website.