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Living Essentials

The Living Essentials Group offers a diverse range of products and services to consumers in a sustainable manner in various fields of business from raw materials procurement to distribution and retail. We place emphasis on generating not just economic value, but also environmental and social value in line with its strategy to achieve sustainable corporate value.

Aiming to achieve sustainable growth by fulfilling consumers' daily lives in Australia and the Oceania region, Living Essentials Division of Mitsubishi Australia Ltd. (MAL) covers from upstream sourcing to downstream retails in food and lifestyle-oriented general merchandise sectors.

Two departments of Food and General Merchandise in the division reliably provide procurements such as Dairy Ingredients, Cheese, Marine Products, Woodchips, Silica Sand, as well as other Agricultural Products, and is fully engaged in market development through marketing of Processed Foods, Paper and Packaging Materials, Tyre and Rubber Products.

The division also cooperates and supports our subsidiary companies in Grain, Stockfeed, Tyre and Industrial Minerals sectors, providing optimum solutions in each business.


The Food Department is committed in Procurement, Distribution, Sales and Business Development in Food and Agriculture industries.

Specialised in various food ingredients, fresh food products and processed foods, the department provides not only trading and sales but initiative and integrated solutions for market developments in Australia, Japan and other countries.

Flexibly responding to changes in economy, industry and market, the Food Department is devoted to business managements to achieve fulfilment of diverse needs of consumers, with "customer first" policy in mind.

General Merchandise

The General Merchandise Department is engaged in a wide range of products and services, related to such as Paper & Packaging, Tyre & Rubber products and Industrial Minerals, in countries around the Asia-Oceania region.

Always pursuing to generate societal value to contribute to people's well-being through streamlining procurement, manufacture and sales, the department aims to strengthen the expertise in each business and to meet the market demands.

Since the department's operation covers diverse industries, it is also our indispensable role to support subsidiary companies in order for integrated global business coordination.

Mitsubishi Corporation Group Companies

Cape Flattery Silica Mines Pty Ltd

Cape Flattery Silica Mines (CFSM) mines, refines and sells silica sand which is the primary raw material for glass products such as sheet glass and LCD glass. The silica sand, taken by CFSM from the largest silica sand mine in the world located in Queensland, Australia, has been sold by Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) to Japan, and Asian countries for 50 years since 1968.


Riverina (Australia) Pty Ltd

Riverina is a premier supplier of animal feed for the agriculture industry and a leading exporter of grain and protein meals to the Pacific Rim and other export markets.

Their commitment to supplying rural Australia with the highest quality products spans some 90 years.

Through their research and development programmes and a sound 'in house' nutritional base Riverina is able to implement new products to meet market requirements.

In 2017, Riverina was merged with Agrex Australia Pty Ltd which was initially a joint venture between MC and Olam International, and then acquired 100% by MC.

Riverina also holds a 32.5% share in the Newcastle Agri Terminal (NAT) which is an efficient bulk grain handling terminal in Newcastle.


Main Products

  • Dairy Ingredients
  • Dairy Products
  • Coffee and Beverages
  • Processed Foods
  • Marine Products
  • Paper Products
  • Packaging Materials
  • Woodchips
  • Oxygen Absorber
  • Graphic Art Materials
  • Tyres
  • Industrial Rubber Products
  • Silica Sand