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Natural Gas

With Mitsubishi Corporation (MC)’s over 35-year history in investing in the Australian natural gas industry, which ranges from largescale LNG projects to exploration & production, we extend various support to MC through dealing with broad contacts, such as related businesses and federal and state organisations, and representation with the oil & gas players in Australia.

Currently MC has equity interests in three LNG projects in Western Australia, which are North West Shelf and Wheatstone projects in operation, and Browse project under development. Most of the products from these projects are exported to Japan and other Asian countries.

Mitsubishi Corporation Group Companies

Japan Australia LNG (MIMI) Pty. Ltd.

North West Shelf Project Goodwyn A Platform, North Rankin B Platform

Established in 1985 as a 50-50 joint venture between MC and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. MIMI holds a one-sixth equity interest in the North West Shelf Venture (NWS Venture), producing natural gas, LNG, condensate, crude oil and LPG from the enormous gas and oil fields located on the North West Shelf, offshore Karratha in Western Australia. Also having a 14.4% equity interest in the Browse Joint Venture, MIMI remains committed to the earliest commercial development of Browse resources, located offshore approximately 425 km north of Broome in Western Australia.

The North West Shelf Project is Australia's largest resource project and one of the world's largest producers of LNG. MIMI's head office is based in Perth, Western Australia.

PE Wheatstone Pty Ltd

Through PE Wheatstone Pty Ltd (PEW), MC invests in the development and sales of LNG and natural gas of Wheatstone LNG Project. PEW holds equity interests in the Wheatstone Project (gas fields: 10%, LNG plant: 8%). The project is located offshore the northwest of Western Australia.