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Power, Infrastructure, Urban Development & Machinery

Operating across diverse industry sectors that include power generation, environmental energy technologies, transportation and infrastructure, our division infuses the core competencies required to deliver innovative solutions to our customers that include turnkey, financial and investment solutions. We leverage the core business relationships we have forged over many years with Australian and international partners, including service providers, global financial institutions and leading industry manufacturers, to provide unique solutions to our customers.

Key Business Areas

  • Trading of spare parts and maintenance support
  • Investments
    • Power
    • Transport
    • Water
    • Environment
    • Oil & Gas

Major Projects

Canberra Light Rail Project

Canberra Light Rail Project is Mitsubishi Corporation (MC)'s first project in the railway operations business in Australia, and stands to bolster the company's efforts to develop other railway public-private partnership (PPP) projects in the country.

In May 2016, Canberra Metro Pty Ltd (Canberra Metro), a joint stock company established by MC and its consortium partners for the project, signed an agreement with the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government for a concession to undertake Light Rail Transit (LRT) operations in Canberra under a PPP scheme. The project covers construction, as well as operation and maintenance of the 12-kilometer LRT system with 13 stops between central Canberra and Gungahlin in the north for 20 years.

The project has been listed in the first phase of plans for LRT network development in Canberra, and is being promoted as one of the ACT Government's top priorities. Through Canberra Metro, MC seeks to provide a safe, comfortable and on-time public transportation service that is environmentally friendly in keeping with the abundance of greenery in Canberra, while at the same time contribute to improving convenience for residents and stimulating economic activity in the country's capital.

Advancion® Energy Storage Solutions

Together with Fluence and its local partners, MC offers the award-winning Advancion® energy storage technology platform in Asia and Oceania.

Based on the alliance partnership, within the Australian market Mitsubishi Australia Ltd. (MAL) is delivering the most proven battery-based energy storage solution enabling utilities, industrial and commercial customers, independent power producers, and power system operators to efficiently integrate renewable energy, replace conventional peaking generation capacity and reduce the need for expensive transmission and distribution investments.

Fluence's innovative Advancion platform is the most flexible energy storage solution available which incorporates lessons learned from a decade of commercial operations of large-scale, grid-connected battery storage systems. The Advancion platform offers an industry-leading compact footprint, optimised design and a patented distributed control system that enables customers to maximize revenue, reduce operating costs, and meet the highest levels of system reliability.

The Fluence Advancion platform is built on more than 10 years of experience and has a unique parallel system architecture that delivers unmatched dependability and solves the technology evolution problem. Advancion's industrial-strength design is built for the most demanding applications including Capacity Peak Power, Frequency Regulation, Renewable Integration, and T&D Enhancement.

The Advancion architecture is component-agnostic, which enables seamless integration of the best available technologies now and into the future. Advancion's comprehensive patented control algorithms enable optimal operational performance and ensures reliable and safe operation over the lifetime of the asset.

Globally, MC owns and operates power generation plants, transmission lines, and operates a number of other energy and industrial facilities while Fluence, a Siemens and AES company, is the most experienced energy storage technology and services provider in the world, with more than a decade of experience in deploying turnkey storage solutions across the globe.

Combining the capabilities of both companies, we offer customers access to one of the most reliable and proven energy storage solutions with on-going operational support from trusted partners.

Cape Flattery Silica Mine Ship Loader & Tripper Installation Project

Over 2017-18, MAL contracted with Cape Flattery Silica Mines (CFSM) to design, manufacture and install a new silica sand ship loader at CFSM's mine site in Far North Queensland (Australia).

The following video shows the delivery and installation of this equipment. The equipment was successfully and safely installed ahead of schedule, and is now providing CFSM with an enhanced ship loading capability.