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The Chemicals Department covers the commodity chemicals, agriculture, and life-sciences sectors. In commodity chemicals, we deal with upstream products such as methanol, ethanol, caustic soda and other liquid chemicals, as well as functional chemicals, which cover products like plastics, rubber, urethane raw materials, and other specialty chemicals. In agriculture, we deal with fertilizer and agrochemicals, and in life sciences, we deal with food additives, feed additives, and pharmaceuticals. Our operations in each of these sectors are diverse and grounded in extensive experience, knowledge, and expertise. Through our Brazil-based global trade, we are building on a proud, longstanding track record and identifying innovative concepts within the Brazilian market.

The Chemicals Department will continue to take advantage of MC's global network to respond to customer and market needs. Our aim is to provide high-quality services and solutions here in Brazil that cover marketing, logistics, and investments.

Main Products and Services

Methanol, ethanol, caustic soda, petrochemicals, inorganic chemicals, fertilizer, agrochemicals, plastics, rubber, urethane raw materials, fluorochemicals, food additives, feed additives, pharmaceutical materials, functional chemicals, life-science products.