Please note that the MCFEA is currently not accepting applications.

If you wish to apply for funding from the MCFEA, please refer to the MCFEA Objectives and Grant-making Policy, set out below.

Providing your project or organisation fits with one or more of the objectives, please complete the application form at the following link.

MCFEA Application Form

Please note that the MCFEA does not make grants to individuals, neither does it make grants for religious, political or lobbying purposes. It does not support any organization that discriminates on the basis of race, colour, creed, sex, sexual orientation, marital status or handicap, and only makes direct grants and donations to charitable or non-profit organizations or academic institutions.

The MCFEA's activities are in essence confined to Europe and Africa. For projects focussing on North or South America, please visit the Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation for the Americas (MCFA) website. For Asia and Oceania, please visit the Corporate Citizenship section of the Mitsubishi Corporation website.

Objectives of the MCFEA

The principal objectives of the Mitsubishi Fund for Europe and Africa are:

  1. To conserve and protect, for the benefit of the public, the environment as a whole and its animal, forest and plant life in particular and to educate the public in natural history and ecology and the importance of conservation of the environment;
  2. To advance the education of the public and, in particular, but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing:
    (a) to promote education and research in the field of ecology and conservation of natural resources and the environment anywhere in the world;
    (b) to promote the study and appreciation of flora and fauna anywhere in the world with particular emphasis on endangered species;
    (c) to promote the study and appreciation of agriculture, horticulture, silviculture and land and estate management;
    (d) to carry out research into the sustainable development of forest lands.
  3. To relieve poverty in any part of the world.

Grant-making Policy

  1. The main objectives of the Mitsubishi Corporation Fund for Europe and Africa (MCFEA) are defined in articles 4 and 5 of the Declaration of Trust deed dated 30 September 1992 ("the Deed") as relating to (1) conservation of the environment, (2) education of the public in environmental conservation and (3) relief of poverty in any part of the world.
  2. It is the intention of the Trustees of the MCFEA to give primary consideration to the first two objectives listed above; however, within those broad objectives, it is also the intention of the Trustees to give particular consideration to any grants for projects that also support the economic and social development of local communities in an environmentally sustainable manner.
  3. The area of operation of the MCFEA is stated in the Deed as being anywhere in the world; however, it is the intention of the Trustees of the MCFEA to restrict its activities to Europe and Africa, in accordance with its name.
  4. Other considerations to be taken into account by Trustees when deciding on grants to be made and/or projects to be supported include the following:
    1. 4.1.In the opinion of the Trustees of the MCFEA the objectives relating to the "conservation" do not extend to cover animal welfare as such;
    2. 4.2."Education" is taken in a broad sense as referring to the public at large but also specifically to local communities and the employees of its funders;
    3. 4.3.The work of the MCFEA can be enhanced if there are, in the neighbourhood of a project, staff employed by its funders or their associates who can be encouraged to take an interest in or to accompany in some way the progress of the project;
    4. 4.4.The validity of any project to which the Trustees are thinking of contributing funds, must be assured, and in particular its scientific, academic and other credentials must be of a high order;
    5. 4.5.When considering new proposals for large projects to be supported, possibly, for a number of years, views of funders shall be sought to try to ensure that their financial input into the MCFEA is not likely to cease during the project's lifetime; and
    6. 4.6.The MCFEA will not provide direct financial support for individuals, nor will it make donations for religious, political or lobbying purposes. It will not support any organization that discriminates on the basis of race, colour, creed, sex, marital status or handicap.
  5. Unsolicited applications sent by email or letter are accepted for consideration; applications for grants are also solicited from contacts already made by the MCFEA or by Trustees.
  6. An initial screening of any application will be carried out by the Secretary or a Trustee, in order to give any necessary advice on the MCFEA's grant-making policy and other procedures, to reject applications that do not meet all the policy criteria set out above, and to ensure that any other necessary information is obtained from the applicant.
  7. Applications will then be considered by the Chairperson and, if deemed by him/her to be suitable, will be advised to the other Trustees for their views.
  8. The main time for consideration of projects is the two-to-three months leading up to the Annual Meeting of the Trustees of the MCFEA, usually held in July or August of each year, when ongoing and potential future grants will be reviewed and considered.
  9. The MCFEA receives many more applications than it can respond to positively, and thus in many cases it may not be possible to support an application, despite the fact that it is otherwise in line with this Grant-making Policy. The majority of successful applications are identified pro-actively by the MCFEA itself, rather than unsolicited applications.
  10. Until otherwise agreed by Trustees, and depending on income and other contingencies, the MCFEA's target grant-making level shall be between £200,000 and £300,000 per annum (the Fund's total expenditure).

Mitsubishi Corporation Fund for Europe and Africa (MCFEA)
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