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Poverty Alleviation

The MCFEA places great emphasis on the importance of capacity development and poverty alleviation with our efforts in this regard having primarily focused around regions in Africa.

By supporting projects that look to help both rural and urban communities to achieve relief from poverty and hunger, or to gain access to reliable supplies of clean water, we hope that we are playing our part in laying the foundations upon which these communities can continue to develop stable sources of food and income, and to invest in improved healthcare and schooling.

In recent years the MCFEA has worked with Concern Universal to promote food security in Guinea, with WaterAid to achieve access to water, sanitation and hygiene education in Mozambique and has also supported the pioneering efforts of Excellent Development in Kenya as they continue to champion sand-dams as an affordable, innovative method to improve soil and water conservation.

As rampant population growth continues to place increasing pressure on food and water resources worldwide, the MCFEA hopes to continue to do its part to provide relief to some of the world's hardest hit communities.