Renewable world

Renewable World (RW) is an international charity registered in the UK which tackles poverty in developing countries using renewable energy as a catalyst to transform incomes, health and education for the poorest and hardest to reach communities.

Its mission is to lead in developing and deploying effective ways of bringing renewable energy at scale to poor communities, empowering them to achieve sustainable and resilient livelihoods. Renewable World has delivered projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America and is on track to reach 100,000 people with renewable energy solutions by 2022.

The MCFEA has collaborated with RW since 2015 to deliver community-owned and managed solar energy using solar microgrids, to last mile fishing communities around Lake Victoria in Kenya.

Solar microgrids provide clean, affordable and reliable electricity to households and small businesses, powering light in homes, schools and health posts, pumping water for irrigation and providing energy that supports the development of new and existing enterprise. Access to energy is helping to improve the efficiency of artisan fishing in the communities and diversify incomes through micro-enterprise development and agricultural production. Since 2018, Renewable World has been working towards optimising the capacity of solar microgrids in four communities by adding additional electricity connections for households and small enterprise development, installing solar-powered water pumping and drip irrigation, combined with climate-smart agriculture for women’s agricultural groups and delivering a pilot project that is generating flake ice using bespoke solar powered ice-making equipment to support fish preservation and quality in one pilot community.