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Environmental Education

Throughout its lifetime the MCFEA has sought to invest in a broad spectrum of environmentally focused education initiatives, catering to the divergent needs of different audiences throughout the region covered by its remit.

Many of the programs we have supported have sought to capture the attention and imagination of young children, providing creative and interactive materials and landscapes with a view to highlighting the intrinsic links between humans, animals and ecosystems and engendering an emotional connection to the natural world. Through partnerships with organizations such as the Zoological Society of London, BirdLife International, Wildscreen and the Regional Environmental Centre, the MCFEA has remained dedicated to the task of raising awareness and appreciation of nature and the importance of conservation amongst young people on a pan-European basis.

Our commitment to environmental education is by no means limited to young people however, and through partnerships with the likes of Fauna and Flora International and the Peace Parks Foundation in South Africa, the MCFEA has also consistently sought to contribute to providing emerging scientists and conservation professionals with access to world-class training and certification. By providing passionate and talented individuals with the tools and field experience to tackle key environmental issues in their local communities we hope that we are helping to establish an enduring legacy of conservation.