Mitsubishi Corporation

Chemicals Group

In the Chemicals Group, we contribute to creating an affluent society by developing business in the area of chemicals and chemical products that are essential to numerous industries.

The Chemicals Group is active in three business segments: the Petrochemicals segment which handles raw material for petrochemical products, plastics, urethane, synthetic rubber, etc.; the Basic Chemicals segment which handles industrial salts, PVC raw materials and resin, methanol, ammonia, ethanol, fertilizers, functional products, etc.; and the Life Sciences segment which handles food science, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, coating raw materials, etc.

By offering a wide array of products in so many industries, we are helping people to enjoy a better quality of life.

Clothing, food and housing are all strongly associated with the chemicals industry. Our business group leverages the unique attributes of this industry, and in doing so we continue to add new links to our global value chain.


In the Petrochemicals Division, we are developing business based around competitive raw materials for our petrochemistry value chain in which our company has a broad market network.

In the Basic Chemicals Division, we are promoting business management with a value chain by leveraging the superior market position of our company, which was established in a specific segment.

In the Life Sciences Division, we are using our strengths in chemicals and technology to develop business with a presence in the food and health markets.

Organizational Structure

  • Petrochemicals Division
  • Basic Chemicals Division
  • Life Sciences Division
  • New Business Development