Mitsubishi Corporation

Machinery Group:Ship & Aerospace Division

In the Ship & Aerospace Division, we provide total solutions targeted toward social infrastructure improvement, and realization of a safer social environment, through the transactions of equipment and systems in the areas covering maritime, aerospace, and related businesses. ©Geo Eye

In the shipping industry, we conduct transactions related to bulk carriers, tankers, LNG/LPG carriers, special purpose ships for offshore energy exploration and ship-related machinery; in addition, we engage in owning and operations for these ships.

In the aerospace industry, we conduct sales of products and services generated from the earth's surface data collected by high-resolution imaging satellites. Also, we engage in transactions related to aircraft for the Japan Ministry of Defense, aircraft engines, and electronic equipment.


We are engaged in maritime and aerospace-related business, and at the same time, we are promoting a wide range of related businesses including satellite services. We aim to provide our customer in those domains with the total solutions, and to contribute to improving social infrastructure and realizing a safer and more secure society in Japan as well as the rest of the world.

Main Products

Bulk carriers, tankers, container ships, LNG/LPG carriers, special purpose ships for offshore energy exploration, marine machinery, satellite imagery, aircraft, aircraft engines, defense-related equipment and aerospace-related equipment.

Organizational Structure

  • Ship and Offshore Dept.
  • Defense and Aerospace Dept.