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Sakhalin 2 project

Sakhalin 2 project

Integrated oil and LNG business Sakhalin 2 project

Russia's first LNG project

Sakhalin 2 project is an integrated oil and gas development business whose four investors are Mitsubishi Corporation, Russian Government owned gas company Gazprom and Mitsui & Co.

The project company, Sakhalin Energy, produces crude oil from the oil field in the north of Sakhalin, with production capacity of 150,000 barrels/day. The company also liquefy natural gas produced from the gas fields in the north of Sakhalin, and has an annual LNG production capacity of 9.6 million tons. This project began year-round crude oil production in 2008 and LNG production in 2009.

Approximately 60% of LNG produced by Sakhalin 2 project is supplied to Japan. As Sakhalin being located in the Russian Far East which is proximate to Japan, this project significantly contributes to Japan's energy security.

Integrated oil and LNG business

Shareholder composition Gazprom (50%) , Sakhalin Energy (27.5%), Mitsui & Co. (12.5%), Mitsubishi Corporation (10%)
Location Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russian Federation
Equity share of production capacity Crude oil: 15,000 barrels/day
LNG: 960,000 tons/year