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Industrial Materials & Chemicals Division


We have industry wide expertise extending throughout the chemical supply chain. We source and distribute value-added chemicals to global customers through an impressive network of suppliers worldwide. Hong Kong is located as the regional hub connecting to the strategic markets of China, Japan, Far East and South East Asian countries.

Through our relationship with technologically sophisticated manufacturers from Japan, China and other countries, and in-depth understanding of customers, markets and demand trends, we are enabled to offer high quality Industrial and Chemical products which can meet the needs of our global customers.

In addition, we pay effort in business innovation and environmental friendly product development.

Trading Business

Industrial Materials & Chemicals Division consists of three units which works in collaboration with Tokyo Headquarters and other regional offices for marketing of products/commodities including;

Petroleum and Chemicals A (Commodity) Department

-Polyolefin (PE & PP)

-Eco-friendly Plastics and Materials

  • Recycled plastics and Ocean Bound Recycled Plastics [OBP] (PET, PE & PP, ABS etc)
  • Degradable plastics, degradable compound and relevant material (PBAT, PLA, PBS and 1,4 Butanediol etc)
  • Mass balance Bio-plastic
  • Others (Plant-base & Paper-base materials etc)

-Polystyrene (PS), Methyl methacrylate styrene (MS)

-Coating chemicals & Carbon Black

Petroleum and Chemicals B (Plastics & Electronic Materials) Department
-Industrial materials (Engineering Plastics, ex. PC, ABS and POM)
-Specialty materials (Synthetic Rubber, Polyester resin)
-Electronics materials (BT-CCL, Glass Cloth & Copper Foil)

Industrial Materials Department
-PVC (PVC resin, Plasticizers, Additives & Stabilizers)

With our key words, ‘Innovation’, ‘Partnership’ and ‘Functions’, we always provide solutions with some of our important roles to suppliers and customers in all above business fields.


Email: ml.hkgche@mitsubishicorp.com