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Living Essential Department


Living Essentials Department consists of 2 core businesses: Food & Retail, and General Merchandise, which provides a wide range of living essential products from upstream raw material to downstream retail goods in a sustainable manner.

Our teams aim to provide an affluent and healthy life to our consumers, and support our customers and suppliers with global market intelligence and problem-solving advisory service through our strong worldwide network.

Trading Business

(1) Food and Retail Team

Food and Retail Team acts as an import and export sales agent as well as sales distributor of food ingredients, processed products and consumer retail goods which provides a sustainable supply and distribution across the region.

Food Products Division

We represent an extensive list of brand products imported from all around the world. Our product profile covers all categories of confectionery, beverages, instant noodles, snacks and condiments, etc. We also import agricultural product such as vegetable and premium fruit products directly from farm to retailers.

Food Ingredients Division

We supply food raw materials such as wheat flour, sugar, tapioca starch, oil and fat products, rice and tea products, etc. We also supply salmon as well as other frozen marine products for food processing industry within Hong Kong and South China region.

(2) General Merchandise Team

General Merchandise Team acts as a sourcing, procurement agent with reliable supply of goods and services which includes 3 core businesses of paper and packaging business, housing and construction materials business and living materials business across Hong Kong, Macau and Pearl River Delta region.

Paper and Packaging Business

We involve a diversified range of paper and packaging products, for example coated art paper, uncoated wood free paper, paper board, thermal paper, inkjet paper and specialty paper as well as graphic art materials, paper cup and aluminum foil. We also imports Ageless, oxygen absorber, for preserving product use.

Housing and Construction Materials Business

We engage the cement clinker and other for housing and construction materials.

Living Materials Business

We import tire product and other living materials for various manufacturing markets.


Food and Retail Team: ml.hkgfod@mitsubishicorp.com
General Merchandise Team: ml.hkggmd@mitsubishicorp.com