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MC Retail Energy Co., Ltd.

Electricity retailing business MC Retail Energy Co., Ltd.

A power service supporting everyone's lives through the power of electricity

MC Retail Energy Co., Ltd. is an electricity retailing company set up as a joint venture between Mitsubishi Corporation and Lawson, Inc. Under the brand of “Machi-Ene” (literally “Town Energy”), it began providing power to customers, such as Lawson retail outlets and general domestic customers, after the full deregulation of the power market in April 2016. This service was born from a combination of Mitsubishi Corporation’s more than 30 years of accumulated know-how in the power generation business, and the approachable nature of Lawson, which stays connected to the community and where the lights of their “Machi Hot Station” outlets are always on.
The company is also working on new services called Virtual Power Plant* and Dynamic Pricing** Demonstration Project, which aim to make urban living more convenient and comfortable.

*   Virtual Power Plant refers to a model in which many small power plants and electricity demand control systems are linked together to allow them to be controlled as if they were one power plant, with the name sometimes abbreviated to “VPP.”

**  Dynamic Pricing is a new initiative to improve retail purchasing costs through the introduction of a system whereby the charging/discharging activity of electric vehicles (EVs) is interlocked and adjusted according to electricity market prices, with the difference passed-on to EV users.

Electricity retailing business

After full deregulation of the electricity industry in 2016, we entered an era where even regular households can choose their electricity, and customers choose electricity companies and electricity plans to match their lifestyles.