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Nexamp, Inc.

Nexamp, Inc.

Distributed solar power generation business Nexamp, Inc.

Investment in US distributed solar power generation company

Through Diamond Generating Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary for power businesses in the US, Mitsubishi Corporation operates Nexamp, Inc., a distributed solar power generation company. Nexamp is able to capture its own customers by using its digital marketing technology such as digital advertisements and SNS. Nexamp is also engaged in developing, constructing and operating distributed solar power facilities.
Since this market is expected to grow continuously, Mitsubishi Corporation would like to expand its business with new technologies including PV plus storage systems.

Distributed solar power generation business

A distributed solar power generation business is a business that realizes local power production and consumption, and it also realizes selling electricity to customers directly.
In the United States, the distributed solar power generation business is attracting attention as a growth area due to the cost reduction of solar panels and policy support at the federal and state levels in the form of subsidies.
It is also expected to provide a means for developing countries with vulnerable transmission networks to raise the electrification ratio in a short time.