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Adoption of Para Cycling Development Teams

Mitsubishi Corporation (MC)'s partnership with the Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) commenced in September 2019 and saw the adoption of the Singapore's Para Cycling development team. SDSC works closely with its associate member, the Para Cycling Federation of Singapore (PCFS), in the administration of the funds, planning and execution of the training programme. MC's support aims to empower up-and-coming para cyclists to pursue sporting excellence. The support for the development team is channelled to the areas of coaching, training and equipment.

To date, MC's donation has impacted the lives of more than 30 persons with disabilities (PWDs) from the development team. Apart from enabling PWDs to lead a healthy, active lifestyle from young, the positive values of sport will enable them to be exposed to, and learn about Paralympic values such as Determination, Inspiration, Courage and Equality.