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Energy Division

MC develops its energy business towards achieving a carbon neutral society while fulfilling its responsibility as a stable energy supplier.
With its comparatively lower environmental impact, natural gas/LNG is a key energy source in the transition period to a carbon neutral society; as a replacement for coal and oil, as a balancing source for renewable intermittency and as a feedstock for next-generation energy.

Our LNG production facilities in North America, Southeast Asia, Australia and Middle East as well as the marketing activities through our wholly-owned subsidiary in Singapore, enables MC to supply energy to its customers in a stable manner.
Furthermore, in an aim to secure supplies of cleaner energy to meet the evolving needs of customers, we are also focusing our attention on developing next-generation energy, such as hydrogen from natural gas, as well as carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) technologies and carbon credits, all of which are expected to be promising methods for reducing CO2 emissions.