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Power Solution Division

The Power Solution Division is involved in a variety of initiatives including water businesses to meet diversifying utility needs, with a focus on our power solution value chain business which functions to “generate” renewable energy, “integrate” weather-dependent electricity (through a sophisticated balance of supply and demand), as well as “deliver” electricity and high added-value services to our customers.

Some of our main initiatives include our renewable energy business that contributes significantly to the decarbonization of society, new businesses in the electric power sector that utilize distributed solar and other forms of power generation, our lithium-ion battery business, which is essential for the proliferation of electric vehicles, and our energy storage business that utilizes those batteries.

By combining low-emission power sources, such as renewable energy, with digital technologies, we not only contribute to the stable supply of electricity, but also provide new added value to customers, such as supply and demand adjustment. We are also conducting initiatives in the field of hydrogen, which is expected to play a role as next-generation fuel.

Through these efforts, we aim to contribute to the realization of a sustainable low-carbon/ decarbonized society while raising our corporate value.