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Mineral Resources Division

The Mineral Resources division handles a wide range of commodities in ferrous and non-ferrous raw materials including precious metals.

Activities extend from dynamic investments, such as the development of natural resources, to the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of metal products that are essential to key industries all over the world. London is the centre of the world's metals, currencies, freight and insurance markets, and many world-class players - including metal resources majors - are located in London or in nearby European countries. Our long-term business goal is to develop a truly world-class metals business.

The principal products and services of the Mineral Resources Division are raw materials for steel; metallurgical and thermal coal; semi-finished products; raw materials for non-ferrous metals; non-ferrous metals (aluminium, copper, etc.) and products; precious metals; bullion and metals futures. There are two main business areas: ferrous raw materials and non-ferrous metals. The Raw Materials Department deals with iron ore, coal and nickel and ferroalloy. Non-ferrous metals businesses are managed by the Copper, Aluminium, Zinc and Precious & the New Metals Departments.