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Precious Metals

Mitsubishi Corporation International (Europe) Plc (MCIE) offers a broad range of trading services in Precious Metals designed to add value and create international business opportunities. Our Precious Metals desk offers a range of trading and risk management facilities that can be customised to meet our clients' requirements and strategies:

  • 24hr coverage of Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru and Ir markets
  • Spot, average and forward pricing
  • Leasing and consignments
  • Futures, options, financially settled swaps and location swaps
  • Financial commodity products for the investment community

    We help our customers to:

  • Secure supplies of critical raw materials
  • Mitigate price risks
  • Release cash from excess inventory
  • Manage balance sheets more efficiently
  • Take advantage of or protect against price volatility
  • Access credit
  • Understand what drives precious metal prices and markets

    As part of a truly global organisation, MCIE is able to take advantage of a worldwide network of offices, resulting in excellent physical capabilities and flexible logistics.

    One of our key strengths is the ability to leverage off the balance sheet of our parent company, Mitsubishi Corporation, which retains a strong and stable credit rating:

  • Moody's Investors Service: A2, Outlook: Stable
  • Standard & Poor's (S&P): A, Outlook: Stable
  • Rating and Investment Information, Inc. (R&I): AA-, Outlook Stable
  • *As of July 2018


Europe: London

Front Office Tel: +44 207 025 3204 ML.MCUKPM_FRONT@mitsubishicorp.com
Back Office Tel: +44 207 025 3207 ml.mcukpm_back@mitsubishicorp.com


Triland Metals

Established in 1971, Triland Metals offers digital hedging solutions for industrial metals users across the globe, seeking to manage price risk volatility. The company offers its customers a proprietary online trading platform alongside a wide range of related services. Its function and customer base are complementing and adding value to MC mineral resources trading business.

The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA)

The LBMA is the London-based trade association that represents the wholesale gold and silver bullion market in London. London is the focus of the international Over-the-Counter (OTC) market for gold and silver, with a client base that includes the majority of the central banks that hold gold, plus producers, refiners, fabricators and other traders throughout the world. Mitsubishi Corporation International (Europe) Plc is a Member of the LBMA.

The London Platinum and Palladium Market (LPPM)

The LPPM was established in May 1987. It is a trade association, the purpose of which is to promote professional trading in London of both platinum and palladium. Mitsubishi Corporation International (Europe) Plc is an Associate member of the LPPM.