Mitsubishi Corporation

Directors & Officers

Brief History(as of April 1, 2024)

Independent Director Mari Sagiya *
Apr. 1985 Joined IBM Japan, Ltd.
Jul. 2002 Director, IBM Japan, Ltd.
Jul. 2005 Senior Vice President, IBM Japan, Ltd. (resigned in July 2014)
Jul. 2014 Executive Vice President, SAP Japan Co., Ltd. (resigned in December 2015)
Jun. 2016 Executive Vice President, Co., Ltd. (currently Salesforce Japan Co., Ltd.) (resigned in August 2019)
Jun. 2022 Director, Mitsubishi Corporation (present position)

* Indicates an outside director as provided for in Article 2-15 of the Companies Act.
Designated for Independent Directors and Independent Audit & Supervisory Board Members as specified by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.