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CSR Activity Reports: FY2010 - FY2011

Nov, 2011

International Exchange & ContributionSupported opening of first English school for the visually-impaired in Egypt

Mitsubishi Corporation, together with Orascom Construction Industries, supported the establishment of the first English school for the visually-impaired in Egypt.

The opening ceremony was held on November 1 in Cairo with some 100 participants, including the Minister of Labor & Emigration as the special guest. Twenty students have enrolled for the 6 months course, and going forward, it is anticipated that up to 80 students will enroll each year.

In Egypt, education for the visually-impaired is still limited, which naturally hinders their employment opportunities. By providing English education, we hope to help boost their chances of employment at Egypt's globalizing enterprises.

Oct, 2011

International Exchange & ContributionDonation of ambulances in Morocco

Mitsubishi Corporation donated two ambulances to the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, which aims to improve social infrastructure in the Kingdom of Morocco. The ambulances were allocated to Fahs Anjra Village and Benechikar Village located in northern Morocco, and a handover ceremony was held at the foundation's training center for the disabled in Sale City on October 26, 2011. In Morocco, the quality of medical services can vary according to regions. The ambulances will be used for the transportation of patients in these two villages where medical services are particularly limited.

Global EnvironmentThe International Symposium on Rehabilitation of Tropical Rainforest Ecosystems 2011

Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), together with Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), our partner for our Malaysian Tropical Forest Regeneration Experimental Projects, co-hosted the International Symposium for Rehabilitation of Tropical Rainforest Ecosystems 2011 from October 23-25 in Kuala Lumpur. The Symposium was held in commemoration of the U.N.'s designation of 2011 as the "International Year of Forests", the planting of our millionth rainforest tree, and the 20 years that have passed since our first tree was planted in Malaysia in 1991. A total of about 600 people joined in the Tree Planting Ceremony, held as a pre-event to the Symposium, where approximately 6000 trees were planted over a 0.6 hectare area. Participants included UPM students as well as a group of 80 people consisting of staff from our Kuala Lumpur office and their families.

The Symposium was attended by roughly 300 participants, including members of the general public and forestry experts from nine countries. Participants presented the results of their research and exchanged ideas on the latest techniques in the field of tropical forest rehabilitation. From MC, Senior Executive Vice President Nabeshima offered welcoming remarks during the Opening Ceremony as co-chair of the event.

The Symposium was divided into two parts: the Public Session and the Scientific Sessions. During the Public Session held on the 24th, following the keynote speech given by Dr. Akira Miyawaki, Professor Emeritus of Yokohama National University, MC presented an overview of our Tropical Forest Regeneration Experimental Project together with introductions of our related activities in Brazil, Kenya, Shanghai and Indonesia. In addition, a Poster Session was held where roughly 50 young researchers presented the results of their research. Awards were given to the top three entries.

During the Scientific Sessions held from the afternoon of the 24th to the 25th, approximately 120 forestry experts participated in research presentations as well as a panel discussion. Researchers from UPM presented results from our experimental forest, and participants discussed such topics as carbon dioxide absorption and preservation of biodiversity.

International Exchange & ContributionReconstruction of Hospital Amazonia in Brazil

MC supported the extension and reconstruction of the emergency outpatient ward of Hospital Amazonia in Belem City. The hospital was established in 1962 originally as a clinic for Japanese immigrants, but 50 years later, its use has been extended to Belem citizens as well, providing a vital healthcare service to the city as a whole. Still, there is also an urgent need for extension and reconstruction work to be carried out on the aging hospital infrastructure. MC's support is expected to enable the hospital to accept more emergency outpatients and to improve its services for the community.

International Exchange & ContributionMangrove Reforestation Project in Thailand

Since 2008, Mitsubishi Corporation has been supporting the maintenance and expansion of mangrove forests in Chantaburi and Rayong Provinces. This year's plan is to boost mangrove reforestation by a further 73 acres in Chantaburi Province. On 1 October, a reforestation event was held, to which many locals and MC Thailand employees attended. Mangrove reforestation is bringing many environmental benefits to the region, whilst also stimulating the local economy.

Sep, 2011

International Exchange & ContributionSupported the "Japan-Korea Festival" in South Korea

Mitsubishi Corporation supported the "Japan-Korea Festival" held this year simultaneously in Seoul and Tokyo on 25 September. The festival, held annually, aims to promote mutual understanding between the two nations. As a way of showing appreciation for the vast support provided by the Korean people immediately following the Great East Japan Earthquake in March, the theme of this year's festival was "Thank you Korea! Gambaro Japan!". Employees from Mitsubishi Corporation Korea also attended the festival held in Seoul.

International Exchange & ContributionSupported the "Energy Expo 2011" in Brunei

Since 2008, Mitsubishi Corporation has been supporting Brunei Energy Week, held annually by the Brunei Prime Minister's Office as part of its efforts to promote energy conservation. This year, the event was held on 21-23 September in conjunction with the ASEAN Ministers' Energy Meeting, and renamed Brunei Energy Expo 2011. As part of the event, Mitsubishi Motor's electric powered vehicle - i-MiEV - was donated by MC to the Ministry of Communications.

Jul, 2011

International Exchange & ContributionDonated Wheelchairs in Senegal

Mitsubishi Corporation and Nippon Care Supply (Mitsubishi Corporation's subsidiary in the welfare equipment business) have donated 100 wheelchairs to the City Counsel of Dakar, the capital of Senegal.

The wheel chairs will be used in hospitals and rehabilitation centers in Dakar city.

Jun, 2011

International Exchange & ContributionDonation of Medical Equipment in Thailand

Mitsubishi Corporation donated medical equipment such as infusion pumps, standard EKG monitors and defibrillators to community hospitals located in Songkhla Province. Due to the continuing social disorder in the three Southern Provinces of Thailand, accesibility to public health services is extremely limited. Therefore, the neighboring Songkhla Province is regarded as a medical hub for the people in the South.

EducationMC International Scholarship started in Mongolia

From 2011, MC will start funding scholarships to the Mongolian University of Science and Technology, the largest university in Mongolia in terms of student enrollment. It is the sole national university which produces engineers who contribute to the growth of Mongolia.

On June 8, 2011, a signing ceremony was held at the university, and MC will provide scholarships to 15 undergraduate and postgraduate students with exemplary academic records over two years.

May, 2011

International Exchange & ContributionSupported the Bardo Museum in Tunisia

Mitsubishi Corporation has been actively supporting the Bardo National Museum in Tunisia since 2008.

The Museum displays highly valuable archaeological treasures, such as historical articles and mosaic works unearthed from ancient Carthage, Rome and Greek remains.

As a way of contributing to the Museum's recent renovation, Mitsubishi Corporation recently donated a TV conference system to be installed in the newly constructed main conference hall.

Mitsubishi Corporation's previous donations include a motor truck, computers, and large screen displays, all of which have added value to visitors' and researchers' experience of the Museum.

International Exchange & ContributionLandmine Removal Project in Mozambique

MC is supporting landmine removal activities in Mozambique, where landmines represent not only a life-threatening hazard to individuals, but also a hindrance to the economic and social development of entire communities.

In the wake of a civil war that ended in 1992, Mozambique is now on the road to economic recovery as one of the fastest growing countries in Africa. However, despite removal efforts by the National Demining Institute as well as international NGOs, landmines that were buried extensively during the civil war still remain in some areas.

The threat that these landmines pose to the safety and livelihoods of the people in these communities is currently a pressing issue for the Mozambique government. Now, with large-scale demining equipment being brought in from Japan through the Official Development Assistance (ODA) Program, MC is supporting an international NGO that is actively disposing of the landmines.

International Exchange & ContributionSupport for a Local Neighborhood Elementary School in South Africa

Since 2006, MC has worked jointly with one of its business investment companies, Hernic Ferrochrome (Hernic), to support an elementary school located in the area of Hernic's operations. Donations from MC have been used to repair damaged classrooms, to set up a waste storage site and rain-water collection tanks, to plant flower beds and to establish a personal computer room.

At the completion ceremony held in May, MC received messages of appreciation from the elementary school as well as from representatives of local groups and government associations. The children expressed their gratitude through song and dance performances. On top of this, MC also received messages of encouragement in support of the victims of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake.

International Exchange & ContributionSolar Power Generation for Rural Communities in Ethiopia

Since 2009, MC has been supporting the "Agricultural Development-Led Industrialization Strategy of Ethiopia," a program promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Ethiopia. Every year, MC has donated solar PV panels for agricultural training centers, training materials and solar-powered refrigerators (for vaccines) for livestock veterinary clinics in communities designated by the Ministry. Many people in these communities have expressed their appreciation, commenting that MC's donation has enabled farmers to effectively use the hours after sunset and has motivated the farmers to improve their production.

International Exchange & ContributionProviding Technical Assistance for CNCH Cocoa Projects in Colombia

In 2009 and 2010, MC supported a cocoa production improvement project implemented by Compania Nacional de Chocolate, a food company based in Central and South America. This project aimed to improve the welfare of cacao farmers in Columbia by providing technical assistance to improve their productivity and living standards. Some of the positive outcomes reported from this project include enhanced functionality of cocoa farming unions and improvements in cocoa bean quality.

International Exchange & ContributionThe "Young Leaders for Sustainable Forest Development" Program in Mexico

Since 2010, MC has been supporting "Young Leaders for Sustainable Development," a program run by a local NGO, Reforestamos Mexico, A.C., which conducts reforestation and ecosystem conservation activities in Mexico. This program trains young leaders by offering them the opportunity to analyze various issues from environmental, social and economic standpoints. Participants learn ways to respond to these issues, as well as how to contribute to the sustainable maintenance of forests in regional communities.

In 2010, 44 young people from 40 communities across Mexico participated in this program.

International Exchange & ContributionSupporting "From Farm to Table": A Nutritional Education Program for Childen in Argentina

Since 2009, MC has supported "From Farm to Table," a project run by a local NGO, EticAgro, which conducts research and public awareness activities regarding the issues of quality, environment, and trade in the field of agriculture. This program runs nutritional education programs for elementary school students throughout Argentina, where malnutrition continues to be a problem due to a lack of dietary knowledge. So far, the program has distributed educational materials to a total of 300 schools. In addition, at 130 of these schools, the program has also provided teacher training and conducted nutrition classes and fairs. MC intends to continue monitoring the schools to study the effectiveness of this type of nutrition-focussed education.

Apr, 2011

International Exchange & ContributionSupported the Janadriya Festival in Saudi Arabia

Mitsubishi Corporation took part in the Janadriya Festival, which was held in Riyadh between 13 and 29 April 2011. The company's exhibition booth stood in the Japanese pavilion, which received approximately 300,000 visitors.

The theme of our booth was based on the concept of "Creating Sustainable Environmental Value" (, a key pillar of our Midterm Corporate Strategy). To reflect this, Mitsubishi Motors' electric powered vehicle - i-MiEV - was displayed at the forefront, demonstrating to visitors Mitsubishi Corporation's commitment to integrating environmental value into its business.

Mar, 2011

International Exchange & ContributionThe Japanese Cultural Precinct Seminar Series at Monash University, Australia

MC provided support to the Japanese Research Seminar conducted by Monash University in Melbourne. Monash University is one of Australia's top 8 universities, and its Japanese Studies Center was established in 1981. At the university's request, MC held the "Mitsubishi Corporation Seminar Series," which focused on Japan-Australia relations in the fields of environment, international cooperation, as well as culture and the arts.

International Exchange & ContributionRenovation of the Thies Health Centre in Senegal

MC supported the expansion of Thies Health Center through a public-private partnership with the Embassy of Japan in Senegal. The Embassy assisted in the construction of the laboratory and orthodontics wing through its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects. MC supported the construction of the radiation inspection wing in addition to donating equipment.

International Exchange & ContributionNational Chung-Hsing University's Reforestation Project in Taiwan

MC has been providing support to the reforestation project of National Chung-Hsing University in Taiwan. The university is the oldest agricultural education institution in Taiwan, and it began reforestation efforts in 2010 based on a 6-year plan. In March 2011, employees of MC's Taiwan office participated as volunteers in the reforestation activities as well as in the donation ceremony for this project.

Feb, 2011

International Exchange & ContributionMC supports work training for youths in impoverished area of Dakar, Bangladesh

MC, together with international NGO Plan Japan, has been providing work training support to the youth in impoverished areas of Dakar for the last three years since 2009. This project provides two work training courses to youth: the installation and repair of refrigerators and air conditioning equipment, and sewing and traditional embroidery. About 50 youths receive work training each year. Out of the courses' first class of students, who graduated in March 2010, more than 90% have obtained employment.

Dec, 2010

EducationScholarship funding for EDF-JAPAN (50 children in Cambodia)

Photo credit: EDF-JAPAN

Based on the results of MC employees' participation in a volunteer program sponsored by MC in the first half of fiscal 2010, MC has funded scholarships for 50 children in Cambodia to attend the final three years of elementary school.

The children who have received the scholarship have been given a uniform, school bag and water flask for going to school, and they are going to school in high spirits.

MC plans to continue its support for the education of children.

International Exchange & ContributionMC supports rehabilitation and work training facility in Taiwan for people with impairments

Each year since fiscal 2005, MC and Mitsubishi Corporation Taiwan have jointly supported the Yang Ming Home for the Disabled, which is the largest Taipei municipal facility conducting rehabilitation and work training for people with intellectual impairments. In fiscal 2010, our support helped refurbish a classroom for rehabilitation and purchase related equipment. As a result of these support activities, the president of Mitsubishi Corporation Taiwan received an honorary citizen award from the Taipei City Government.

WelfareSupport for World Vision's "Child Sponsorship" (Republic of Malawi)

Photo credit: worldvision japan

MC positively supports the "Child Sponsorship" program, which is run by World Vision to support the education of children and support the communities in which these children live. From December 2010, MC began sponsoring 20 children in the Republic of Malawi (Southeast Africa).

MC plans to continue its support to bring smiles to children's faces.

World Vision

Nov, 2010

International Exchange & ContributionMC donates research vehicles to Cultural Secretariat of the Presidency in El Salvador

MC has donated two Isuzu pick-up trucks to the Cultural Secretariat of the Presidency of El Salvador, which is busily engaged in protecting and nurturing its country's culture.

The donated trucks will be used by the Secretariat in activities to protect culture and art including research of the country's culture and art, production of craft products, and support for holding of events.

EducationMC provides Mitsubishi Corporation International Scholarship for Studies in Japan and holds networking and social event

Since fiscal 1991, as part of its social contribution activities, MC has operated a scholarship fund that supports international students attending universities in Japan. MC is currently paying scholarships to about 100 students annually. In November 2010, MC invited international students to Head Office and held a networking and social event, providing them with an opportunity to participate in a lively exchange of views concerning MC's activities and other matters.

Oct, 2010

International Exchange & ContributionMC supports work training facility for people with intellectual impairments in Algeria

As part of its social contribution activities in Algeria, MC provides support to local NGO FPMA (Family & Popular Mutual Help Association), which conducts work training for people with intellectual impairments. The donation provided by MC is expected to be used to pay for necessary equipment in the work training facility including the purchase of materials and the construction of a craft workshop and kitchen.

Previously, in March 2009, MC donated a printing machine, which now enables the trainees in printing technology to earn money from producing business cards and other printing materials.

International Exchange & ContributionMC supports "Japan-Korea Festival" in Seoul, South Korea

MC has been supporting the "Japan-Korea Festival" every year since fiscal 2005. The event consists of cultural exchange events sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Land Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Held annually both in Japan and in South Korea, it promotes mutual understanding amongst the peoples of the two countries. While showcasing the art and culture of both countries, it also provides a valuable opportunity to deepen friendships among the peoples of the two countries. In fiscal 2010, employees from Mitsubishi Corporation Korea voluntarily participated in this event held in South Korea in October.

Global EnvironmentMC holds an exhibit at the Interactive Fair for Biodiversity held in conjunction with the COP10 Convention on Biological Diversity

Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) held an exhibit at the Interactive Fair for Biodiversity in conjunction with the COP10 Convention on Biological Diversity. With 'biodiversity' as its key theme, the fair hosted exhibition booths and forums arranged by government and local government agencies, citizens, NGOs, NPOs, universities and companies. Over 200 organizations from both Japan and overseas participated.

MC's booth gave focus to two of its projects, the Experimental Project in Tropical Forest Regeneration which has been running for 20 years, and the Global Coral Reef Conservation Project carried out in Okinawa, Australia and the Seychelles. Details of these activities, including the objectives, highlights and results so far, were given through the use of panels and videos. The booth visitors - totaling approximately 3,000 people - listened attentively to talks given by MC employees, and showed a particular interest in our efforts towards coral preservation.

In addition, more than 500 of the attendees took the time to complete our interactive panel quiz on tropical forests. At the end of the quiz, participants planted trees virtually, which resulted in a pledge on MC's part to plant 51 trees in Malaysia next year.

The booth display was an opportunity not only for MC to inform participants about its activities, but also to spread awareness about biodiversity issues and prompt wider engagement on the topic.. MC plans to continue its efforts to conserve biodiversity.

Global EnvironmentTree-Planting Expedition in Malaysia

Since 1990, MC has been implementing the " Tropical Forest Regeneration Experimental Project", and from October 14-18, 2010 MC held a tree planting ecotour in Malaysia as part of the company's continual support to this project.

About 30 people participated in this most recent event including employees of MC and MC Group companies from Japan. During the tour, tree planting was conducted at two locations: inside the Gunung Apeng Forest Reserve on the island of Borneo and at the campus of the national agriculture university Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) near Kuala Lumpur.

The tree planting held in the Gunung Apeng Forest Reserve was conducted together with participants connected with the Forest Department Sarawak as well as local Bidayuh indigenous people. Each volunteer paired up with local participants to plant the trees. The tree-planting method conducted here followed a line-up system whereby rain-forest trees (dipterocarpaceae) were planted in rows to form the primary trees amongst second-growth forest. Each person planted about 20 trees. At the UPM campus, about 600 people participated in the tree planting, including employees and their families of Mitsubishi Corporation Kuala Lumpur Branch, local high school students and students and staff members of UPM. A mixed-species dense-planting method called the Miyawaki Method was utilized whereby 6,000 trees of 48 different species were planted.

Also during the tour, MC volunteers had a chance to do some jungle trekking in a national park where they experienced the nature of the tropics, and which left them feeling more strongly about the importance of conserving tropical forests and the global environment.

Despite it being the period between the dry season and the rainy season in Malaysia, the weather was excellent and the entire program, including tree-planting, trekking and seminars, was completed as planned.

International Exchange & ContributionMC supports "The Crescent and The Sun, Three Japanese in Istanbul" exhibition in Turkey

MC supported "The Crescent and The Sun, Three Japanese in Istanbul" exhibition held in Istanbul, Turkey from October 2010 to February 2011. By tracing the footsteps of three Japanese (Torajiro Yamada, Chuta Ito, and Kozui Otani) who contributed to building a friendly relationship between Japan and Turkey at the turn of the 20th century, the exhibition has promoted mutual understanding and friendship between Turkey and Japan.

Sep, 2010

Global EnvironmentResearch Activities for the "Global Coral Reef Conservation Project" Get Underway in Okinawa

Launched in 2005, MC's Global Coral Reef Conservation Project supports a wide variety of coral research through the joint efforts of industry, academia and public volunteers. The project is centered at three global locations: Okinawa, Midway Atoll, and the Seychelles.

The second volunteer program for 2010 in Okinawa took place from September 18th to the 22nd at the Sesoko Station Tropical Biosphere Research Center of the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa. Ten volunteers, including five MC employees, supported research activities that included collecting samples from the field and recording data related to the geographical make-up of the corals and tidal currents. Back at the research center seawater samples were filtered, analyzed and recorded along with other samples and data collected in the field. Researchers also provided volunteers with a series of lectures on topics related to corals and the current progress of the overall project in order to further deepen the volunteers' understanding.

Culture and ArtsMC Art Gate Program 2009 Scholarship Student Art Exhibition

From September 7 to 16, 2010, the Mitsubishi Corporation Art Gate Program (MCAGP) 2009 Scholarship Student Art Exhibition was held at GYRE (Omotesando).

MCAGP provides a scholarship system and supports the careers aspiring young artists. This exhibition was designed to give many more people the opportunity to view the fruitage of a one year's work by the ten recipients of the first MCAGP scholarship, and more than 500 people visited over the span of the exhibition.

A reception to commemorate the art exhibition was held on September 12. Everyone who purchased works at the MCAGP Charity Auction was invited and the guests enjoyed a presentation by the artists and a convivial party. The participants of the event provided many messages of encouragement to the scholarship recipients such as "please cherish your passion and keep working hard," and "please contribute to everyone's happiness by continuing to paint splendid artwork." On September 15, Ken Kobayashi, MC's president and CEO visited the exhibition, mingling with the artists and speaking words of encouragement.

Jun, 2010

Culture and ArtsMC Holds Eighth Charity Art Auction

MC held the eighth charity auction for the Mitsubishi Corporation Art Gate Program (MCAGP) on June 19 and 27, 2010. The Auction attracted as many as 170 people, and amid a lively atmosphere, all 50 artworks selected for auction from those submitted were sold (20 at GYRE in Omotesando and 30 at the Mitsubishi Shoji Building in Marunouchi).

Those who attended were able to mingle with the artists. For the artists, it was an opportunity to broaden the scope of their activities such as by going over, with portfolio in arm, to thank the person who purchased his or her work. Those attending the auction were also seen idling over to the artists and their works and engaging in enjoyable conversation.

The auction this time ended as a success thanks to many people understanding the purpose of MCAGP and providing their cooperation.

International Exchange & ContributionMC (Shanghai) Donates Conference Room Facilities to Fudan University's Center for Japanese Studies, China

Mitsubishi Corporation (Shanghai) Limited has donated conference room equipment materials and audio visual equipment to the Center for Japanese Studies of Fudan University, one of China's most prestigious universities. The conference room, which is also equipped with simultaneous interpreting facilities, has been named the "Mitsubishi Corporation Hall."

The Center's 20th anniversary ceremony was held last November. In attendance were scholars who have contributed to joint academic research and development between China and Japan, and representative of companies that have supported the Center. Four staff members from MC and Mitsubishi Corporation (Shanghai) joined the cerebrations.

May, 2010

Global EnvironmentResearch Activities for the "Global Coral Reef Conservation Project" Get Underway in Okinawa

Launched in 2005, MC's Global Coral Reef Conservation Project supports a wide variety of coral research through the joint efforts of industry, academia and public volunteers. The project is centered at three global locations: Okinawa, Midway Atoll, and the Seychelles.

The five day Okinawa research and volunteer program for 2010 got underway on May 14 at the Sesoko Station Tropical Biosphere Research Center of the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa and wrapped up on the 18th. Ten volunteers, including five MC staff, supported research activities that included collecting samples from the field as well as filtering and measuring the alkalinity of seawater samples and recording a variety of other related data back at the research station. Researchers also provided volunteers with a series of lectures on topics related to corals and the current progress of the overall project in order to further deepen the volunteers' understanding.

Apr, 2010

International Exchange & ContributionReconstruction Completed at Children's Creativity Center in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

MC has been supporting social contribution activities such as activities related to culture, the arts and education in Uzbekistan through the Forum of Culture and Arts of Uzbekistan Foundation (the Fund Forum) since 2008.

The Fund Forum, which was established in 2004, working in cooperation with international organizations such as UNESCO, focuses on the exchange of international culture through activities.

In 2008, the Children's Creativity Center of the Fund Forum in Samarkand was reconstructed.

On April 16, the reconstruction completion ceremony was held for a children's creativity center in Tashkent, which was MC's support activity for fiscal 2009.

At the ceremony, local children with their guardians and the local media also attended, and MC received words of appreciation from the Japanese Ambassador to Uzbekistan and the secretariat of the Fund Forum for not only this support, but also for the various other international contribution activities conducted by MC in Uzbekistan.

International Exchange & ContributionMC supports "Exhibition of Three Major Calligraphies" by Turkey's Sakip Sabanci Museum

MC provided support for the "Exhibition of Three Major Calligraphies": Asia, Middle East, and Ancient Rome, that was held by Turkey's Sakip Sabanci Museum from April 14 to June 27.

The exhibition presents Asian (Japanese and Chinese), Latin, and Islamic styles of calligraphy and it also featured, situated close to the entrance, the original calligraphy of MC's "Three Corporate Principles."

On the first day of the exhibition, about 300 people attended the opening ceremony, including the Turkish Minister for Tourism and Culture and Turkey's Ambassador to Japan.

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