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April 18, 2012

Support for the TOMODACHI Initiative

Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) is providing support for the TOMODACHI Initiative, a project established by U.S. Embassy and the U.S.-Japan Council (*)in Japan. 
The TOMODACHI Initiative aims to support the recovery of regions afflicted by the Great East Japan Earthquake through public-private cooperation. The Initiative also aims to enhance U.S.-Japan relations through programs including exchanges between the next generation of leaders, as well as opportunities for young people from the afflicted regions to visit the U.S. 
MC has actively contributed towards the recovery of the afflicted regions through the Mitsubishi Corporation East Japan Earthquake Recovery Fund (10 billion JPY) established in April 2011. The Fund facilitates a range of measures, including the provision of emergency supplies, scholarships for affected students, grants for non-profit organizations (NPOs) and employee volunteering programs. 
Moreover, in March of this year MC established the Mitsubishi Corporation Recovery Foundation. Whilst continuing existing initiatives, the primary objectives of the Foundation are to boost industry growth and promote job creation.  MC will also monitor the needs of the afflicted areas and dispatch employee volunteers to help with ongoing relief efforts accordingly.
MC will continue to promote various initiatives, including those mentioned above, in support of the Great East Japan Earthquake restoration efforts.
(*) U.S-Japan Council: established in 2009 in Washington DC (headquarters), the U.S.-Japan Council is a public organization whose aim is to promote relations between the two countries.

 About Mitsubishi Corporation (MC):
Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) is a global integrated business enterprise that develops and operates businesses across virtually every industry including industrial finance, energy, metals, machinery, chemicals, foods, and environmental business. MC's current activities are expanding far beyond its traditional trading operations as its diverse business ranges from natural resources development to investment in retail business, infrastructure, financial products and manufacturing of industrial goods.
With over 200 Offices & Subsidiaries in approximately 90 countries worldwide and a network of over 500 group companies, MC employs a multinational workforce of nearly 60,000 people. 

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