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Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate Philanthropy Corporate Philanthropy

Doing Our Part for Society and the Global Environment

MC's commitent to contributing to building prosperous, sustainable societies in the places where we operate around the world is deeply embedded into our corporate culture based on our corporate philosophy, the Three Corporate Principles. MC established an office to oversee social and environmental affairs in 1973 in recognition that, as good corporate citizens, companies should actively pursue initiatives to contribute to society, and that the expense of those activities should be borne as part of the social cost of doing business before reaping any profits. Since then, MC has promoted a number of self-driven corporate philanthropy projects with the aim of bettering our global society.

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    Reports about our volunteer and CSR activities, updated regularly.

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    Introducing our corporate philanthropy activities from around the globe

MC's Corporate Philanthropy Activities

MC's corporate philanthropy activities, mainly in the fields of the Global Environment, Public Welfare, Education, Culture & Arts and International Exchange & Contributions, prioritize continual programs and voluntary efforts by employees worldwide.

Hands-on Volunteering Initiatives for Employees

MC promotes employee participation in our volunteer programs based on our belief that it is important for every member of staff to recognize our responsibility to give back to society. As part of this effort, MC has a system whereby employees can take up to 5 days of volunteer leave per annum, and we regularly run in-house programs during lunch breaks and other convenient time slots to facilitate employee participation.

MC makes donations to non-profit organizations and foundations working in the fields of public welfare, education and the environment based on our volunteer token system. Through this system, employees earn one token credit each time that they volunteer their time, with each token worth a corporate donation of 500 yen. Tokens are not only awarded for programs designated by MC, but also for volunteer activities undertaken independently by employees during their private time outside of work.

Introduction to MC's Corporate Philanthropy Activities

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