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Conserving the Environment

MC is committed to environmental conservation efforts in order to pass on our irreplaceable Earth to future generations and to realize a prosperous society where people live in harmony with nature.

Global Coral Reef Conservation Project (Okinawa, Australia)

Global Coral Reef Conservation Project (Okinawa, Australia, Republic of Seychelles)

Since fiscal year 2005, MC has engaged in the Global Coral Reef Conservation Project, a project that is actively researching the causes and effects of the coral reef crisis. This project aims to help conserve coral reefs around the world through a research-based approach. Research is being conducted in cooperation with universities, NGOs and other organizations. As part of the project, MC also recruits volunteers from inside and outside the Company, in a program designed to deepen people's understanding of environmental issues.

Global Coral Reef Conservation Project

Tropical Forest Regeneration Project (Malaysia)

Tropical Forest Regeneration Project (Kenya, Malaysia, China, Brazil and Indonesia)

Through the Tropical Forest Regeneration project, launched in 1990, MC is engaged in the intensive, mixed planting of tree species native to each region. The aim of this project is to regenerate near-natural forest ecosystems in a short space of time, of about 40 to 50 years.

Tropical Forest Regeneration Project

Forest Conservation Project “Mitsubishi Corporation Thousand Year Forest”

MC carries out a forest conservation project in Aki City, Kochi Prefecture, the birthplace of the founder of Mitsubishi, Yataro Iwasaki. MC entered into a forest conservation agreement with Kochi Prefecture, Aki City, and the East Kochi Forest Association in an aim to protect the Japanese environment, and collaborations have been ongoing since 2009. This project was MC's first forest conservation initiative in Japan. It has been named the “Mitsubishi Corporation Thousand Year Forest” (also known as Yataro’s Forest) and consists of a 263-hectare expanse of forest, 143 hectares of which are owned by MC. Aside from conducting forest conservation activities to improve functions that serve the public interest, such as headwater conservation, the area is also being used as a place for MC employees to participate in volunteer activities and utilize the forest as a place for environmental education.

In March 2020, MC concluded an agreement with the Shikoku Forest Bureau, Aki City and the East Kochi Forest Association to introduce management policies in the Becchaku area of Yataro’s Forest in line with the Shikoku Forest Bureau’s policy of establishing “green corridors,”* in an effort to conserve biodiversity.

* Shikoku’s national forests are being protected under the protective forest system. This project is expected to help conserve biodiversity by establishing “green corridors” that connect these protective forests, allowing plants and animals to come and go freely.

Forest Conservation Project “Mitsubishi Corporation Thousand Year Forest”

Natural Climate Solutions

©Conservation International/Tessa Mildenhall

MC started supporting Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) in 2022 as part of its philanthropic activities. There are various methods for NCS, but MC focuses on methods of preventing degradation in rangelands with the goal of preserving the amount of CO2 absorbed by plants, and to prevent CO2 stored in soil and vegetation from being released into the atmosphere.

Population is rapidly growing in near Durban South Africa. Due to the increase in grazing caused by an increase in population, the number of rangeland which consist by grass and shrubs has begun to decrease and there are concerns of the amount of CO2 absorbed may decrease and that the CO2 stored in soil will be released.

In this project, MC will work together with Conservation International, an environmental NGO, to conserve rangeland in cooperation with local communities. At the same time, it aims to improve the living standards of local residents by improving the quality of livestock farming and conserving water resources. In the future, MC aims to contribute to climate change, to support local communities and to the conservation of biodiversity through participating in various NCS projects.

Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation for the Americas

The Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation for the Americas (MCFA), which was established in 1991 by Mitsubishi International Corporation together with Mitsubishi Corporation, is a foundation whose mission is to supports environmental causes throughout the Americas with a focus on biodiversity conservation, sustainable development, environmental education, and environmental justice.

MC Foundation for the Americas (MCFA)

Mitsubishi Corporation Fund for Europe and Africa

The Mitsubishi Corporation Fund for Europe and Africa (MCFEA) is a UK registered charitable foundation established in 1992 by Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation (UK) Plc.

The MCFEA’s mission is to provide support in an innovative and impactful manner to address environmental and social challenges in Europe and Africa.

Mitsubishi Corporation Fund for Europe and Africa (MCFEA)