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April 5, 2017
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Mitsubishi Corporation Power Participates in Biomass Power Generation Project

Mitsubishi Corporation Power Ltd. (MCP), a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), has joined with The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. (KEPCO) to establish a new joint venture. The new venture, Aioi Bioenergy Corporation, is being set up to promote and develop biomass power generation business in Japan. The new venture will have an initial capital of 450 million yen, with 40% of that being invested by MCP.
The project is aiming to facilitate the conversion of fuel used at the second unit of KEPCO’s Aioi Power Station in Hyogo Prefecture (capacity: 375 MW) from its current heavy oil or crude oil sources to woody biomass. The project will also contribute to controlling overall carbon dioxide emission (CO2) due to its use of naturally derived pellet fuel.¹
MCP already operates some 73 MW of power generated from solar projects and is developing and constructing wind and geothermal power generation projects across Japan. The new project expands on these existing renewable energy initiatives.
MC and its subsidiaries intend to continue working with local and international partners to develop power generation projects that use renewable energy, thereby contributing to increased energy self-sufficiency and the growth of new industries in Japan while at the same time helping to combat greenhouse gas emissions.
¹ Although biomass power generation emits CO2 during combustion, the fact that the same trees absorb CO2 while growing up offsets this, resulting in a balance of zero added CO2 emitted into the atmosphere, a state referred to as carbon neutral.
Reference Information
About the Aioi Power Plant
  • Location: Yanagiyama 5315−46, Aioi, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
  • Power Generation Units
Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 3
Operations Start Date
September 1982
November 1982
January 1983
375 MW
     375 MW
                   ⇒ approx. 200 MW
375 MW
Main Fuels
Natural Gas, Heavy Oil, Crude Oil
Heavy Oil, Crude Oil
                 ⇒ Woody Biomass
Natural Gas, Heavy Oil, Crude Oil
About Aioi Bioenergy.
Company Name:   Aioi Bioenergy Corporation
Established:          April 5, 2017
Location:               Hyogo Prefecture
Capital:                 450 million yen (ratio: KEPCO: 60%; MCP: 40%)
Main Business:      Design, construction, operation, maintenance and management of power generating installations, retail energy sales and related busninesses
Executives:           Kazumitsu Takanishi, Representative Director (Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.)
                              Go Ishikawa, Director (Mitsubishi Corporation Power Ltd.)
                              Nozomu Mori, Director (Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.)

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