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October 28, 2021
Hokkaido Electric Power Company
Mitsubishi Corporation

MC and Hokuden to form Hydro Power Alliance in Hokkaido’s Donan Region
Optimizing Hydro Power to Help Realize Carbon Neutrality

Hokkaido Electric Power Company (Hokuden) and Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) are pleased to announce that we will be establishing a new joint venture in November 2021 that will be dedicated to hydroelectric power generation. The company, Donan Hydroelectric LLC (Donan Hydro) , will be headquartered in Hakodate City, Hokkaido Prefecture. In conjunction with the new joint venture’s establishment, Hokuden and MC have also agreed to form a hydroelectric power alliance that will service Hokkaido’s Donan region.  
Our alliance will begin by Hokuden replacing in stages five existing power plants in Southern Hokkaido Prefecture, with Donan Hydro managing their operations thereafter. The five plants that will be replaced are all located in the Donan region. They include four that are directly owned by Hokuden (Nanae Power Station, Isoyagawa Daiichi Power Plant, Isoyagawa Daini Power Plant, and Ainumanai Hydro Plant), and one owned by Hokuden’s subsidiary Eco Energy Corporation, Ltd. (Ono Power Station).
Our alliance will combine Hokuden’s long-established expertise in hydro power generation with MC’s global know-how in renewable energies, thereby enabling both efficient replacements of the existing facilities and long-term stability of the new plants’ operations.  
MC and Hokuden are committed to leveraging Japan’s domestically produced energy resources. Recognizing its worth in the context of renewable energy, we shall endeavor to optimize hydro power generated by the Donan region’s valuable water resources and do our part to help Japan achieve carbon neutrality. 
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Overview of Alliance
Joint Venture
Company Name
Donan Hydroelectric LLC
1-2-1 Tomioka, Hakodate City, Hokkaido
Date of Establishment
November 2021 (planned)
10 million yen
Ownership Ratio
Hokkaido Electric Power Company: 50%
Mitsubishi Corporation: 50%
Design, construction, operation, and maintenance of hydroelectric power plants and sales of electricity.
Shareholder Roles
Hokkaido Electric Power Company
Plant maintenance, local customer and media relations, licensing and permit acquisitions, etc.
Mitsubishi Corporation
Management of the joint venture company, as well as its contracts, financing, and so on.
Applicable Power Plants
Name of Facility
Isoyagawa Daiichi
Isoyagawa Daini
Capacity (kW)
Date Facility Went Online
Feb. 1965
Jun. 1924
Jul. 1929
Dec. 1930
Sep. 1985
Scheduled Shutdown Date
Mar. 2024
Mar. 2024
Mar. 2024
Mar. 2023
May 2023
Date Replacement Facility To Go Online
May 2026
Mar. 2025
May 2025
Jan. 2024
Apr. 2024

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