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May 20, 2022
Mitsubishi Corporation
Morgenrot Inc.

MC and Morgenrot Enter into Capital and Business Alliance

Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) and Morgenrot Inc. (Morgenrot) are pleased to announce that we have entered into a capital and business alliance, our aim being to jointly develop distributed computing services for customers in Japan and throughout ASEAN. MC is one of Japan’s leading sogo shosha (general trading companies), while Morgenrot is an engineering-centric startup company which provides cloud-based distributed computing solutions and green data centers powered by renewable energy.
At the core of Morgenrot’s capacity for software development is its proprietary distributed processing technology, “Excalibur,” which leverages the latest GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) technology based hardware systems to add value to its cloud-based services. Morgenrot’s exceptional processing capabilities are deployed by the front lines of research and development in numerous high-tech fields, including ultra-high-resolution 3D rendering, simulations, AI, machine- and deep-learning systems, and so on. Furthermore, by applying its knowledge and experience of GPU servers, Morgenrot integrates GPU-based high-performance server systems in mobile containers powered by renewable and surplus energy to realize green data centers.  Keen to help society realize a digital infrastructure eco-system that is conscious of both our needs and those of our planet, Morgenrot is making its clean processing capabilities available at affordable prices.    
MC has also been putting its assets to good use in digital infrastructure. Here in Japan, the sogo shosha is applying its multi-industry know-how and expertise to develop hyperscale data centers. Always on the lookout for ways to promote digital (DX) and energy (EX) transformations that take advantage of the MC Group’s collective capabilities, MC is confident that this alliance with Morgenrot will foster progress that ultimately leads to new business opportunities. This progress includes the construction of distributed data-center networks capable of processing huge volumes of data, as well as the development and installation of edge computing infrastructure that will make real-time and low-latency processing possible.   
Both of our companies are investigating ways to jointly conceive products and services not only here in Japan, but also in international markets, with our initial focus being the ASEAN region. Prior to entering into this capital and business alliance, we commenced discussions on the provision of high-power computing services in Singapore. By supporting the city state’s DX initiative, this business should complement Singapore’s status as one of the world’s leading developers of smart cities, and it also has good potential for growth, as it can be adapted for other ASEAN countries in the future.
■Takuya Kuga
Executive Vice President
Group CEO, Urban Development Group
Mitsubishi Corporation
MC is engaged in high value-added urban development projects that aspire to realize smart cities and independent, distributed communities. To that end, we have been strengthening our digital-infrastructure operations that take advantage of our company’s expertise in the relevant industries, which include IT, real estate and other types of infrastructure. Through this capital and business alliance with Morgenrot, we will strive to develop increasingly sophisticated large-scale distributed data processing capabilities and edge-computing systems, and otherwise enhance our overall digital-infrastructure operations. I am certain that this alliance will support the creation of digital societies, the demand for which is both robust and growing, and I look forward to it also boosting the added value of MC’s urban-development businesses.   
■Hirotaka Inoue
Representative Director & CEO
Morgenrot Inc.
The rapid development of digital infrastructure is fueling a greater need for high-speed, big-data processing capabilities. Unfortunately, high-spec data centers that rely on GPUs and other highly integrated semiconductor technologies require even more electrical power to operate, not only to power the more advanced equipment, but also to drive the fans and other machinery that is needed to cool it. This is a structural problem inherent to the industry, but Morgenrot is helping to address it by developing data centers that emit less CO2. By employing our own proprietary distributed power technologies together with renewable energies, our data centers offer consumers computing services that are both highly efficient and eco-conscious. I believe that this capital and business alliance with MC will help Morgenrot’s solutions reach many more customers, both here in Japan and throughout the world.      
■Mitsubishi Corporation
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Katsuya Nakanishi
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MC engages in a wide range of businesses spanning multiple industries and overseen by its 10 Business Groups: Natural Gas, Industrial Materials, Petroleum & Chemicals, Mineral Resources, Industrial Infrastructure, Automotive & Mobility, Food Industry, Consumer Industry, Power Solution, and Urban Development.
■Morgenrot Inc.
LIFORK AKIHABARA II R4A, 3-13-2 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021, Japan
Representative Director & CEO Hirotaka Inoue
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Development, licensing and provision of distributed computing software; procurement and administration of high-performance 

Based on the Three Corporate Principles, which serve as MC’s core philosophy, MC has continued to grow together with society by contributing to the sustainable development of society through its business activities while pursuing value creation. MC’s revised “Materiality” was announced in Midterm Corporate Strategy 2024 as a set of crucial societal issues that MC will prioritize through its business activities, towards the strategy’s goal of continuous creation of MC Shared Value (MCSV). Guided by this Materiality, MC will continue to strengthen its efforts towards sustainable corporate growth. Out of the six material issues relating to “Realizing a Carbon Neutral Society and Striving to Enrich Society Both Materially and Spiritually”, this project’s activities particularly support “Contributing to Decarbonized Societies” “Promoting Stable, Sustainable Societies and Lifestyles” and “Addressing Regional Issues and Growing Together with Local Communities”.

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