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June 21, 2024
Mitsubishi Corporation

2024 Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

Mitsubishi Corporation held its 2024 Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on Friday, June 21, 2024 in Tokyo.
Below is the overview of the meeting.
1.Agenda (Matters for Resolution)
    Regarding the details of Matters for Resolution, please kindly follow the link provided below.
      - Venue: The Prince Park Tower Tokyo, Ballroom, <Tokyo, Japan>
      - Time Started: 10:00 JST (Previous year: 10:00 JST)
      - Time Ended: 11:40 JST (Previous year: 11:53 JST)
      - Time Required: 100 minutes(Previous year: 113 minutes)
      - Number of Shareholders Attended: 778 (Previous year: 645)
      - Number of Inquirers: 12 people (Previous year:15)

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