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Industry DX Group

The Industry DX Group will take the lead in progressing MC's DX strategies, one of the main pillars of the growth strategies outlined in Midterm Corporate Strategy 2024. We aim to contribute to the development of industry and a future society with vibrant communities by leveraging the MC Group's broad industry expertise and DX capabilities, interconnecting industry/business/communities, and linking digital technologies with the real world to address societal challenges.

Our group will develop DX capabilities across a wide range of businesses and provide DX as a service together with the developed DX capabilities to contribute enhancing business value and productivity throughout society as a whole.

Organizational Structure

Digital Development Department

Our aim is to expand business as a DX enablers while helping to promote the MC Group's DX initiatives and achieving results through the provision of DX functions.
Based on these efforts, we will expand DX service businesses that lead to new business developments and investments, and enhance the value of entire industries. We will also contribute to solving social issues through the commercialization of next-generation technologies and cross-industry co-creation schemes.

Organizational Structure
Digital Development Team | DX Business Development Team

Industry Value Chain DX Department

Our aim is to develop solutions that help solve operational challenges that industries and companies face, and to provide those solutions as a platform moving forward.
We will also promote the development of, and collaborations with, partner companies that have the necessary technologies for achieving that aim.
As a major target, we will first focus our efforts on developing businesses in the field of logistics and mobility.

Organizational Structure
Logistics Solution Team | Mobility Solution Team | Global Marketing Team

Power & Community DX Department

Our department promotes the development and provision of retail services for consumers by generating synergy between the MC Group's products and networks. By fusing real and digital solutions, we aim to add value by combining them with existing services such as electric power. We also strive to create independent, decentralized communities that both solve regional issues and revitalize the local economy by providing community-based services.

Organizational Structure
Strategy & Planning Team | Business Development Team | Local Community Co-Development Team | Digital Platform Team

Service Industry DX Department

The Service Industry DX Dept. develops FinTech business, and digital services such as finance and real estates using touch points with local governments and residents.
We collaborate extensively with partners both within and outside the MC Group as we aim to realize businesses that will become pillars for the future growth of the MC Group.

Organizational Structure
Fintech Development Team | Service Development Team

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