Mitsubishi Corporation

Business Investments

International Power Division

Diamond Generating
Diamond Generating Corporation manages MC's power businesses in the Americas. Its operations include power generation, distributed power generation (Nexamp) and energy trading (BETM).
Nexamp is a distributed solar energy company in the United States. Its operations include the development, construction, operation, maintenance and management of distributed solar assets.
Boston Energy Trading and Marketing
Boston Energy Trading and Marketing is engaged in the electricity trading and energy management business in the US, conducting fuel procurement and electricity sales to power plants, along with the supply of power to retail companies.
Diamond Generating Asia, Limited
Diamond Generating Asia functions as MC's power generation hub in Southeast Asia, Oceania and the Middle East, where demand for energy continues to grow. To meet that demand, the company is working to expand its operations throughout the region.
Diamond Generating Europe
Diamond Generating Europe is engaged in renewable energy power generation business in Europe.
Diamond Transmission Corporation
Diamond Transmission Corporation functions as MC's power transmission hub in Europe. Currently, it is engaged in undersea power transmission, sending electricity generated by offshore wind farms to onshore power grids.
Aguas CAP
Aguas CAP is a business supplying desalinated water to the mining industry and operated as a joint venture between MC and Chilean company CAP S.A. The business is supplying water from a seawater desalination plant to mines by pipeline in the Atacama Region, Chile.
Metito Holdings
Metito is a global provider of total intelligent water management solutions. Founded in 1958, Metito has an impressive track record of designing, investing-in and executing over 3,000 projects across the globe, delivering world-class quality. Metito is jointly owned by a Mitsubishi Corporation - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries joint venture, its founders, Gulf Capital, and International Finance Corporation (IFC). The company's global headquarters are located in Dubai and it operates projects in various regions in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Utility Retail Division

MC Retail Energy Co., (Japanese)
MC Retail Energy is an electricity retailer in Japan that was formed as a joint venture between MC, Chubu Electric Power Miraiz Co., Inc. and Lawson. Under its Machi-Ene (lit. "Town Energy") brand, the company has been supplying electricity to households and other customers since April 2016.
ElectroRoute Holdings
ElectroRoute is engaged in spot, futures, international, and other forms of energy trading in the mature European energy market. The company functions as a comprehensive service provider, offering energy-trade support to power producers, end consumers and retailers. It has established ElectroRoute Japan K.K., expanding its activities in Japan as well, where power market deregulation progresses.
OVO Group
OVO is one of the UK's largest domestic electricity and gas retail suppliers, with around 5 million customers. Utilizing digital and smart technologies, the company has been developing its supply of renewable energy and various new services linked to household electrical appliances and vehicles.
With its Solar Home System, consisting of solar panels, battery storage, and home appliances, Bboxx is expanding its distributed power business to off-grid areas, mainly in Africa. By utilizing its real-time remote management system, the company aims to expand its services such as LP gas and irrigation pumps for off-grid areas.
Swing is a general water business company and operated as a joint equity venture between MC, EBARA CORPORATION and JGC CORPORATION. It has long-standing experience in technological and product development and the provision of services as a pioneer of water infrastructure in Japan. It is broadly developing businesses in Japan and overseas to meet all water needs from research and development, and design and construction through to maintenance management and business operations.

Eneco Office

Eneco is a Dutch integrated energy company mainly active in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. With a focus on renewable energy, Eneco is expanding its electricity / gas trading, electricity / gas retail, and district heating supply businesses.

Domestic Power Business Office

Mitsubishi Corporation Energy Solutions (Japanese)
Mitsubishi Corporation Energy Solutions is an operating company that oversees power generation business in Japan. The company aims for further growth by enhancing the expertise in each of its business areas, such as offshore wind power generation and renewable and clean energy power generation (renewable energy power generation excluding offshore wind power generation, and low carbon/decarbonization of thermal power generation). It will continue to actively develop its power generation business, centering around renewable energy with the aim of realizing a decarbonized society, while also providing solutions for energy cost reductions and decarbonization to customers, with a focus on industrial consumers.