Mitsubishi Corporation

Business Investments

Urban Infrastructure Division

MC Digital Realty,
MC Digital Realty plans, develops, and operates data centers in Japan. Established on a 50/50 basis between Mitsubishi Corporation and Digital Realty Trust, a leading global provider of data centers, the company seeks to offer high quality data center facilities that can meet global standards.
New Ulaanbaatar International Airport
New Ulaanbaatar International Airport LLC, a joint venture between MC, Narita International Airport Corporation, Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd., JALUX Inc. and the Government of Mongolia, is the operator of the New Ulaanbaatar International Airport. The new airport is commenced operation in July 2021, and through its operation, the company aims to contribute to the sustainable development of Mongolia's economy and society.
Fukuoka International Airport Co.,
Fukuoka International Airport Co., Ltd., a joint venture composed of Fukuoka Airport Holdings, Nishi-Nippon Railroad, Mitsubishi Corporation, Changi Airports International, Kyushu Electric Power, and Fukuoka Prefecture, is an airport operator of Fukuoka Airport in Japan. The company carries out daily operations and management(except activities such as air traffic control) of the airport, including expansion, maintenance and improvements of airport facilities such as the airport terminal buildings and runway.

Urban Development Division

Diamond Realty Investments,
Since its establishment in 1994 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of MC, Diamond Reality Investments, Inc. has been investing in commercial real estate development projects mainly for multifamily housing, student housing and logistics centers throughout North America. The company is based in Dallas and Los Angeles, US.
Diamond Realty Management America Inc.
Diamond Realty Management America Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation. The private real estate asset manager was established in 2018 and is located in US. The company specializes in Debt, Core, Core-plus, and Development strategies. We intend to be the leading asset manager of outbound investments from Asia.
A joint venture established between Mitsubishi Corporataion and Surbana Jurong, a Singapore based urban and infrastructure consulting firm.The joint venture will focus on urban development projects in Asia, primarily engaging in urban development projects that build transportation infrastructure while simultaneously targeting areas surrounding transportation hubs for developing urban real estate solutions.
PT. MC Urban Development Indonesia
MC Urban Development Indonesia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation which focuses on real estate development in Indonesia. The company has been involved in six real estate development projects (residential) so far, and intends to continue expanding its business along with the growth of Indonesia.
MC Urban Development Vietnam Company Limited
MC Urban Development Vietnam is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation which focuses on real estate development in Vietnam. Currently, the company is driving forward its real estate projects (residential) in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi City, and intends to continue expanding its business along with the growth of Vietnam.
PHirst Park Homes
A Joint venture with Century Properties Group Inc., a prominent real estate company in the Philippines.
The Company develops affordable housing communities in the Philippines.
Diamond Realty Management Inc. (DREAM)
A private real estate fund management company that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation. The company launch and manage the private real estate funds for both domestic and international institutional investors providing not only the traditional private real estate closed-end funds, but also the mezzanine debt funds, private REIT, and further, expand our service arena to the outbound real estate funds.
Mitsubishi Corporation Urban Development,
A comprehensive real estate developer that is a wholly owned subsidiary of MC. The company develops and operates income-generating properties including retail facilities, logistics centers and hotels.
Yokohama Akarenga,
We operate "Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse," a popular sightseeing spot in Yokohama Minato Mirai 21. Oktoberfest, Flower Garden and other attractive seasonal events are held at the facility.

Asset Finance Division

AIGF Advisors Pte.
AIGF is a wholly owned subsidiary of MC. The firm's principal focus is to provide growth capital in the ASEAN middle market. The fund supports long-term growth by leveraging MC's extensive business know-how and global business network.
Geodesic Investments,
Geodesic Capital is a venture capital fund investing mainly in growth stage technology companies. In order to support further growth of its portfolio companies, professionals in Silicon Valley and Tokyo utilize their vast experience and network to assist talented entrepreneurs to expand into Asia, starting with Japan. Acting as a window into Silicon Valley for its investors, Geodesic Capital aims to "bridge" the U.S. and Japan.
One Rock Capital Partners,
One Rock focuses on control-stake equity investments in middle-market companies in North America. It handles complex situations like corporate carve-outs, misunderstood companies, management transitions, and under-optimized companies and actively employs the expertise of its operating partners and global resources of its strategic partner, Mitsubishi Corporation, to enhance the value of such companies.
Marunouchi Capital
Marunouchi Capital is a joint venture between MC and MUFG Bank, targeting control stakes in mid-large sized companies in Japan. Marunouchi Capital makes investments primarily in large corporate carve-outs and business succession deals, utilizing MC Group's expertise and global network as well as MUFG Bank's broad customer base, thereby creating value for sustainable growth of its portfolio companies.
Mitsubishi Auto Leasing (Japanese)
A joint venture between Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsubishi HC Capital Inc. The company is developing multi-brand car-leasing business. It provides to clients total solution services for corporate fleet management.
Mitsubishi HC Capital
The company is a comprehensive finance company offering a variety of financial solutions: finance leases, operating leases, rentals, syndicated loans, real estate-related finance, factoring and much more. Their business also covers foreign operations helping customers to advance overseas, global asset operations dealing with aircrafts, aircraft engines, containers, and railcars, and eco-related business supporting the introduction of renewable energy and energy saving equipment etc.
Double Bridge Infrastructure Inc.
Engaged in the management of funds through investment in large-scale infrastructure primarily in North America and European countries. Investment capital is raised through entrustment by institutional investors in Japan.
Marunouchi Infrastructure (Japanese)
Engaged in the management of Japan's first Diversified Infrastructure Fund, which will invest in a portfolio of assets across all major infrastructure sectors, including energy, transportation, communications and utilities.