Mitsubishi Corporation

ESG Information

Simultaneously Generating Economic Value,
Societal Value and Environmental Value through Our Businesses

MC conducts business activities in accordance with the Three Corporate Principles, which serve as the corporate philosophy for the entire MC Group.

MC has over 150 business units and 1,200 consolidated operating companies. This expansive network gives MC the ability to access numerous different industries on a global basis; i.e., giving us the collective capabilities needed to adopt a holistic view across numerous industries. MC believes that its core strength lies in its ability to constantly seize new business opportunities by taking full advantage of these collective capabilities.

As we maintain these collective capabilities, we will intensively allocate business resources to fields where MC is able to play leadership roles and fulfill universal societal needs. By doing so, we will build the optimal business portfolio we envision by nurturing several core earnings drivers. To do so, we will need to produce highly ethical management professionals who have the foresight to identify new sources of growth and the execution skills to achieve growth.

In addition, rather than considering corporate social responsibility and businesses to be separate, we believe that it is necessary for all of the businesses MC is engaged in to simultaneously generate economic value, societal value and environmental value through their operations.

Based on this belief, in Midterm Corporate Strategy 2018, MC has reaffirmed its commitment to simultaneously generating economic value, societal value and environmental value through its businesses in order to achieve sustainable growth. To this end, we have identified Key Sustainability Issues as crucial priorities for management to address.

By addressing and tackling these Key Sustainability Issues through our businesses, we will create businesses that generate value for societies as we pursue sustainable growth.


This ESG Data Book details our initiatives towards sustainable growth of the MC Group, as a publication unifying, combining and enhancing the content of previously disclosed ESG-related information that had been published through the Integrated Report, website and other media.


Integrated Report 2017

The Integrated Report 2017 provides financial and non-financial information on the business activities of the MC Group, aiming to simultaneously generate Economic value, Societal value, and Environmental value by leveraging MC's collective capabilities to adopt a synoptic view of all industries, and its managerial resources having foresight and high execution skills.