Mitsubishi Corporation

ESG Information

Simultaneously Generating Economic Value,
Societal Value and Environmental Value through Our Businesses


By pooling its collective capabilities, the MC Group strives to fulfill societal needs and meet stakeholder expectations by simultaneously generating economic, societal and environmental value.


The MC Group prides itself on adapting to our everevolving world by anticipating and responding to changes including geopolitical shifts, economic transformation, technology-driven industrial developments and changes in societal values.

Consolidated Growth Strategy

The MC Group includes approximately 1,400 companies, and as it works to raise its consolidated earnings for the group as a whole, it remains equally committed to growing each enterprise's own corporate value, while simultaneously generating economic, societal and environmental value. By leveraging the collective capabilities found throughout its network of Group companies and over 130 Business Units, MC shall continue to innovate and inspire global industries.

MC optimizes its portfolio by dynamically allocating management resources based on its level of engagement in each business. Sizeable growth investments are companywide commitments to develop next-generation earnings drivers. The Group is also dedicated to training highly ethical management professionals who have the foresight to identify new seeds of growth and the execution skills to achieve that growth.

Regardless of how our world evolves, there will always be opportunities to deliver goods and services that meet societal needs and improve quality of life. The realization of these opportunities forms the very foundation of MC's consolidated growth strategy.

Integrated Report 2022

The Integrated Report 2022 explains the Midterm Corporate Strategy 2024 announced in May 2022, and details the value creation process for Mitsubishi Corporation's sustainable growth, the specific strategies and businesses of each Business Group, and the initiatives and structures that support the process to be sustainable.


From the fiscal year ended March 2021, MC has begun disclosing its ESG policies, management structures, initiatives, etc. through its new "Sustainability Website" and "Sustainability Report".

The website organizes information into relevant ESG categories and allows for easier navigation, while also providing an option to download the information in PDF format.

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