Mitsubishi Corporation

Our Roots

Our Roots - A history of rising to the challenge

MC has a long history of rising to the challenge. Here, we highlight the origins of our pioneering spirit through accounts of Mitsubishi founder Yataro Iwasaki and other members of the Iwasaki family, while also taking a look back over history starting from 1954, when today's MC was first established.

第1話 高垣社長の第一声“万事正々堂々と”~新生・三菱商事の発足
The Launch of the New Mitsubishi Shoji:President Takagaki Urges Fairness in Business

We look at the path that led to the Great Merger of 1954, which resulted in the establishment of the new Mitsubishi Shoji, headed by President Katsujiro Takagaki.

第2話 次代の飛躍に向けた基礎固め~世界ネットワークを拡充
Laying the Foundations for Success by Expanding the Company's Global Network

We focus on the development of the company's global network during the six-year tenure of President Katsujiro Takagaki.

第3話 輸出拡大や大型事業案件への挑戦 ~今も受け継がれるチャレンジスピリット
Mitsubishi Shoji Strives to Expand Exports & Target Large Projects Reflecting Tradition of Tackling Big Challenges

We look back on various business activities that were promoted during the tenure of President Katsujiro Takagaki.

第4話 東京五輪を追い風に日本の発展を牽引 ~高度経済成長の波に乗り、新たなビジネスモデルを形に
Japan's Economy Surges as Tokyo Prepares to Host the Olympics - New Business Models Begin to Take Shape

We reflect on the situation in Japan and developments at Mitsubishi Shoji during the tenure of President Kiyohiko Sho.

第5話 時代を見据えた経営の近代化 ~EDPシステムや通信設備など経営基盤を整備
Push to Modernize Management Systems Reflects Focus on Future Business Growth Development of Data Processing Capabilities & Expansion of Telecommunications

We continue to look back on the tenure of President Kiyohiko Sho while highlighting the company's pioneering efforts to modernize management.

第6話 組織の活力を高めた「あやめ作業」 ~初の本格的な中期経営計画を策定
The "Ayame Operations" Groundbreaking Management Plan Revitalizes the Company

We reflect back on the pioneering reforms instituted by President Chujiro Fujino, as Mitsubishi Shoji sought to further develop its businesses during a period of high economic growth.

第7話 新規分野への積極的な進出 ~ブルネイLNGプロジェクトなど、海外への投資を本格化
Mitsubishi Shoji Actively Enters New Fields Investment in Overseas Projects Takes Off

We look at the company's active expansion into new fields in the early 1970s as reflected by the launch of the Brunei LNG project, which proved to be a key juncture in the development of the MC Group's LNG business.

第8話 逆風の中でも忘れない三綱領の精神 ~日本経済の大きな転換期に物価安定のために奔走
Staying True to the Spirit of the Three Corporate Principles Even in Times of Great Economic Turmoil

We look at how MC devised policies to fulfill its responsibility to society as a good corporate citizen during the period of economic turmoil that accompanied the Nixon Shock and the 1st Oil Crisis in the early 1970s.

第9話 低成長時代に見いだした光明 ~経営の効率化と産油国でのプロジェクト
Finding Hope in a Period of Low Growth Increased Efficiency and New Success in Petrochemicals

We look at steps taken by President Bunichiro Tanabe to strengthen the company’s constitution, and reflect on a national project that has come to characterize MC.

第10話 合言葉は“役員から新入社員まで” ~レインボー作戦と組織改編を実行
Mobilizing Companywide Efforts to Withstand Tough Economic Conditions MC Strives to Bolster Efficiency & Promote Organizational Reforms

We look back on efforts to bolster efficiency and promote organizational reforms under President Yohei Mimura.