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MC has long engaged in creating a framework to ensure that it continues to conduct proper and fair business activities, in addition to upholding legal and regulatory compliance. This long-standing commitment is based on the Three Corporate Principles, which encapsulate our corporate philosophy, and is stipulated in our Corporate Standards of Conduct.

In September 2000, we formulated a Code of Conduct, and we are obligated to make compliance our top priority and ensuring legal and regulatory compliance by each and every employee, as well as instilling an awareness of proper conduct that reflects social norms.

In another initiative, we introduced the Compliance Officer post and compliance officers have been appointed in all business groups. These people work to foster compliance in daily activities.

Compliance Framework
Compliance Framework

Every year starting with the fiscal year ended March 2010, all officers and employees are required to take e-learning courses, which include case studies on the Code of Conduct. They must also sign an agreement stating that they understand and will adhere to the rules at all times. These protocols have since been introduced at MC's subsidiaries as well. Furthermore, we conduct various activities such as compliance-related seminars, holding Compliance Discussions to encourage personnel to discuss compliance issues in each work place by using case studies about possible violations in the work place, distributing "Compliance Case Study Q&A Booklets" and launching the Global Whistleblowing System so as to instill knowledge and awareness of compliance in each and every officer and employee of MC and MC's subsidiaries.

Particularly in regard to the Whistleblowing System, MC is striving for early detection of compliance violations by establishing various contact points, enhancing quality with training for people in charge of contact points, and putting energy into efforts to keep employees informed.

Number of Whistleblowing Reports
(including Whistleblowing Reports to MC group companies)
Number of Whistleblowing Reports (including Whistleblowing Reports to MC group companies)