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Engaging the Senior Workforce / Employment of Persons with Impairments

Engaging the Senior Workforce

The awareness towards working beyond the age of 60 differ widely from one person to the next, and opinions on the subject are likely to vary even more in the coming years. In addition to introducing its Re-employment Course System for extending the careers of employees aged 60 and over, MC has established a Career Design Center at Human Link Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Global Human Resources Department, which provides comprehensive support for senior employees.

The Center offers comprehensive services such as individualized career planning consultation based on each employee’s personal situation and values, the provision of various information and training programs for employees who wish to continue their careers outside the company, and collection of recruitment and job matching information.

Functions of Career Design Office

Employment of Persons with Impairments

As part of its CSR and diversity initiatives, MC has a long and proud history of employing persons with impairments. Together with its special-purpose subsidiary, Mitsubishi Shoji & Sun Co., Ltd., MC will continue its efforts in expanding career opportunities for persons with various impairments.

Employment Rate of Persons with Impairments (as of June 1, 2023)

*Statutory employment rate of persons with impairments (private companies) was raised from 2.2% to 2.3% on March 1, 2021.

Hideki Fukui President
Mitsubishi Shoji&Sun Co., Ltd.

Increasing Employment Opportunities for Persons with Impairments ~Mitsubishi Shoji & Sun Co., Ltd.~

Mitsubishi Shoji & Sun Co., Ltd. was established in 1983 as an IT company following joint investment by MC and Social Welfare Organization Japan Sun Industries, with its headquarters in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture, and office in Tokyo (Marunouchi). As a special subsidiary of MC, Mitsubishi Shoji & Sun Co., Ltd. operates under its corporate philosophies of coexistence between persons with and without impairments, corporate self-reliance, and new corporate value as it strives to increase employment opportunities for various persons with impairments while providing IT services such as system development and server operation, as well as data entry and business card creation services to numerous business partners including MC and other MC Group companies.

Mitsubishi Shoji & Sun Co., Ltd. (Japanese)